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10 Do’s and Don’ts for a First Date with a Sugar Daddy

by Nov 20, 20190 comments

Are you just starting out with sugar daddy dating? If you’re someone who has been looking for a sugar daddy and you finally took that first step and set up a first date, you will need to know the following 10 Do’s and Don’ts for a first day with your gay sugar daddy. After all, it took you a while to find a sugar daddy—you won’t want to blow it by ignoring sugar daddy dating etiquette.

YES: Dress your best

When you’re looking for a sugar daddy, you want to look your best—and this includes how you look on your first date. Make sure you have good hygiene, do your hair, dress up nice and otherwise do your best to look great.

YES:  Get to know your sugar daddy

On your date, make an effort to get to know your sugar daddy. No, you don’t have to approach this like a traditional date, but asking questions about their preferences, what they’re interested in, etc., will help grow a rapport.

YES: Discuss what you’re interested in out of the relationship

It’s important to communicate on the first date, and part of that communication is discussing what you’re interested in out of the sugar daddy relationship.

YES: Ask what they’re interested in out of the relationship

Don’t forget to ask them what they’re interested in out of the relationship! It’s important that both of you are on the same page in regards to expectations, preferences, etc., and other details that go into mutually beneficial arrangements like sugar daddy dating.

YES: Keep the conversation light-hearted

Since it’s a first date, you don’t need to get too heavy into details or personal information. It’s best to make a good impression by keeping things as light as possible.


NO: Ask to go shopping after your first date

This comes across as greedy and spoiled, and not in a “sugar daddy spoils me” kind of way. Avoid asking to go shopping until your sugar daddy relationship is established.

NO: Bring up specific items or brands you want

This falls in line with the above don’t: it’s very tacky and rude to start bringing up items or brands you want from your sugar daddy on a first date. That sort of thing should be reserved for when your boundaries and expectations are settled.

NO: Give out a sob story

Whether you’re interested in this type of dating so you can have more money for school or to supplement a low income, it’s important to avoid giving out a sob story—even if it’s true. It won’t attract a sugar daddy and will likely make him reconsider the arrangement.

NO: Order expensive items off a dinner menu

You don’t have to order cheap food, but don’t order tons of expensive drinks or menu items unless the sugar daddy explicitly indicates that it’s okay. Keep it sensible for a first date.

NO: Get drunk

Finally, don’t get drunk! You need to be in control of yourself for a first date, especially when boundaries and preferences are being discussed.

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