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Adam 4 Adam

Adam4adam, honestly, when the first time I heard this name, I started laughing. What a historic representation of a historic human desire, towards gay sex. They are not only creative in their name selection. They are effective in gay dating and hook-ups too. This gay dating site is free. Yes, it is free. You can do whatever you want, be your own guest.

Getting an idea? This place is an open park, full of gay people, they are standing together in groups and talking random shit. And, you, my friend, is a new bee. They don’t know you. What do you expect, joyful hugs? Well, you can get them, but for that, you have to make some friends. Search for people, using a search agent in that park, and reach out to people, you think you would be more comfortable with. Things are not that hard. After that, you just need a conversation.

Conversations, they move the world. Your petty gay sex desire is just a matter of few searches and messages. Yes, if you are lucky. If you are not, you know what you need. They sell sex toys too, just in case, if you want to know.

Let us dive deep and find out, what can you expect from this kinky gay dating and hookup site.

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Adam4Adam Review


 Registration and User experience

The registration process of this kinky gay dating and hookup site is too simple, it just asks you three simple things, Starting from a username of your choice, an email address to verify, and your password. Yeah, confirm password is an ass thing, but it is how it is.

Once you are inside, they will provide you a few more ways to describe yourself, in a cool way. You can select your profile image, and also you can write a bit about you.

Who you are? What do you want? Two basic questions, you need to answer in front of strangers, you intend to fuck. Make sure you answer them nicely. An appealing profile bio is your best weapon. The first weapon of the sex battle.

After getting inside, it is a common display of opportunities. There are lots of people, with different kinky fantasies. And, here you are, with yours. Let’s start, Shall we?



Well, it is not a feature, I know. But, in today’s time, what can you get for free. Blessings? Am… Maybe. We live in a capitalist world my friend; big hearts are seldom. Hence, we included this in the features.

If it is free, then it is an awesome feature.

Live Cams

You can check out hot models, showing off their sexy bodies on live webcam broadcast. There is always one or two going on. So, till you get that sex seeker, you can entertain yourself, by browsing these live broadcasts, on this kinky gay dating site,


Yes, definitely this site is free, but they have a credit system, so on sign up, they will give you some credit to spend, and you can replenish them anytime. Either you can buy more credits, or just earn them, by participating in various activities.

Toy Shop

Though, we won’t advise you to use it, as a gift for your romantic partner, do not kill your need for others.

But you can definitely buy it for own amusement and pleasure. Adam4adam, gives its members, an opportunity to browse their sex shop and buy various interesting and effective Sex toys.

Informative Content

They also show their care for the users, by keep informing them, regarding different aspects of safe sex. How to, videos and content. Also, they keep updating their members, about various sexually transmitted diseases.


  • The best thing is obviously that it is free, you can browse everything and contact anyone for free. Use your credit wisely.
  • User-Friendly and simple user interface, make this site, easy to operate.
  • Their Search feature is very detailed and powerful. With numerous filters, it makes it easy for you to find your just right sex partner.



  • Due to past few instances, we can not just say anything blindly about the security of this site, but the Adam4adam people, are committed to giving their members, the best services, securely.



Decades back, there were reported cases of people using Adam4adam profiles, to fool around people, and some cases even resulted in sad deaths. Due to these old and unfortunate episodes, is very much vigilant towards such frauds.

Also, I think, when we are in such a gay dating and hookup sites, we have to take extra care of our anonymity, ourselves. There is a reason they don’t ask your social security number. Hence, it is in the hands of the members only, how they take their community forward.

Yes, there are people, who would try to make a fool out of you, but stay vigilant and on a positive side, keep your pursuit of a gay friend, moving.

Conclusion is a genuine effort to make gay sex ease. It is hard to find people, who are open to or seeking gay sex actively. Even if there are people, it is still a taboo, no matter, how much people say otherwise.

But yes, time is definitely changing, people are changing, hence, we can see a large number of individuals looking out for romantic partners of the same sex. There are millions of people, who are actively seeking gay sex.

Yes, this is true, and they are just like us, it is us. The desire came out of humans only, Hence, it would be unwise to judge something, which is there since millenniums, from our short experiences. If you want to have gay sex, you are free to that.

And, kinky gay dating and hookup sites like, gives you the right infrastructure, to seek out kinky people, with astonishing sexual desires. It is easy to contact them because it is free.

What else do you want? Heaven? Well. It could be heaven too. Who knows?

Find out yourself, at