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  • Popularity 81% 81%
  • Features 83% 83%
  • Safety 80% 80%
  • Value for money 82% 82%

Overall Rating is revolutionizing the adult dating world, with its completely free services. Which shows their sincere efforts to provide people, a great platform, to reach and meet, hot people around them, who are looking to have a good time.

Here, good times, are just not dates and candle night dinners, or sweet sex. People here are looking for various kinky ways to fulfill their fetish desires of BDSM. They just don’t want sex, they want to do it, in naughty ways. *very naughty. has a large community of genuine people, there are no fraudulent schemes at work here, you are totally free to reach anyone and start a conversation. And, yes, the normal dating rules, applies here.

Hence, avoid sitting with your dick in your hand, when you start a webcam conversation, it is really a turn-off for ladies. You can join forums and raise your voice, know more people, and increase your network of kinky people, whom you can meet anytime, in case you are thirsty for awesome bondage.

There are so many people, with so many ways to connect to them, making this kinky BDSM dating and hookup site, a precious boon for individuals looking for some action, in totally unique fetish ways.

Let’s dig deep in this kinky fetish dating site, and try to find out, how each and every aspect of will interact with you. And, help you to go out there and get your next BDSM experience, or anything you want, the Fetster’s menu is too big to explore all.

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Fetster Review

Registration and User experience

The registration process of this kinky dating site is very straight forward and easy, you have to give your nickname, your location, a unique pair of username and password, and your email address. Which will be later verified.

After this, you have to tell your gender and sexual preferences, from a long list of options, including every permutation and combination, which can happen between a man and a lady.

You can also tell them, what are you looking forward from them like if you are a gay or a crossdresser, you can select it at the time of registration. There is a long list of questions with to found more about you and help other people know you more.

Give your best information, everyone will evaluate you on the basis of that only, so be honest and you never know. You might find someone, as crazy as you. This world is a crazy place. mate.

You can also link your social media account, in case you do not want to stand nude in front of the camera, you can invite them to your social media account, and your story will start. Social media is very powerful, and sex is just a petty affair for it.

Millions of people have sex every day, after meeting on social media.


Free Messaging

You can send free messages to anyone you want, and there are so many people to message too, you will be updated with newest members, or hand-picked featured profiles, or people who are currently online.

Its free to message them, start a conversation, and fulfill your desires of kinky fetishes on this BDSM dating site.


They have a comprehensive search feature as compared to the industry standards. Thanks to the endless questions they asked you in the registration process, there are lots of filters, through which you can search for people, around you.

From a large variety of kink categories, you can narrow down your search to almost anything.


Joining a group is always a great idea if you want to have sex. Flirting is allowed in groups because people are friends in a group, right? Join groups based on different kinks, there are large number of groups, with millions of people in them.

The best part is, you can join these groups, meet people, send them messages, and fuck them, without even spending a dime.


If you hold an opinion, or just want to share something fun, or anything, you can use forums on There are multiple forums, and if you have something valid to say. People will listen to you, and thanks to the excellent Fetster community, people will appreciate your efforts too.

Verified account

You can also increase the chances of you getting laid by getting your account verified by the Once, they verify you as a genuine person, looking for some action, people will start believing in you, and they will come to you or will respond to your voice.

Safety is completely committed to keeping its members safe, secure and anonymous. They avoid sharing your information with third-party companies. Moreover, people on this site are genuinely supportive and appreciative. Hence, you will find the environment very open.

The members are the one who is in control here, they have the choice to decide, that with whom they want to share their images and personal data. Also, you can be in your alias, and choose from a large number of fetish seekers, from the Fetster community.

Conclusion is out from the league of normal adult dating sites. In fact, it is not only a BDSM dating site, but it is also a whole social network of people looking to do some crazy stuff on bed, with people who are equally energetic to get laid.

It is completely free, yes you read correctly. The is completely free, you can utilize all the features of this site, including messaging, without paying even a single penny. In the world full of scams, in the name of adult dating site, the is like a totally new world.

Join this BDSM dating community, and make your dreams of meeting a hot person, and having a steamy BDSM, true. There are so many people, so many groups, plenty of forums, you can easily make your mark, and connect to people.

Do not go too fast, take it slow. People are normal here, not the Sexmaniac. Explore the potential of, and get your most awaited kinky BDSM sex, today.