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Traveling to Meet Your Gay Sugar Daddy? Here Are 4 Tips to Stay Safe

by | Sep 2, 2019 | 0 comments

If you are planning on meeting up with your gay sugar daddy, whether you meat using sugar baby sites or another venue, it’s important that you stay safe. Safety is the most important concern when meeting anyone that you met using a dating site or app, no matter what type of relationship you intend to pursue. If you are traveling to meet your gay sugar daddy in the near future, make sure you consider the following 4 tips to stay safe.


Tip #1: Confirm their identity

When you meet someone using sugar baby sites, it’s important that you confirm their identity—in other words, you want to make sure that the person in the photos (and behind the account) is actually the person they are claiming to be. You can do this in a few ways. First, use a reverse search engine (such as Google Images) to look up some of their photos. Second, you can look up their name (if they have shared it) on social media to see if it matches what they say on their account.


Tip #2:  Always tell someone where you are going

You don’t have to tell them that you are meeting a sugar daddy looking for sugar baby, but you do need to tell a trusted individual about your plans to travel and meet someone. The person needs to know: who you will be meeting (name and account name is ideal); along with where you will be meeting, what time/day you will be meeting, and when you plan to be back. In this case, if something does happen, there will be someone who can talk to the police with information.


Tip #3: Have a designated safety check

If you plan on going with your gay sugar daddy to a private location, such as their home or a hotel room, then you should have someone perform a designated safety check during your time together. The safety check can include a text message or a phone call that will confirm that you are safe and don’t need assistance or don’t want to leave for other reasons such as feeling uncomfortable.


Tip #4: Remember that you can always leave 

Making the step on how to find a sugar daddy is a big one, and it is all too easy to feel pressured to not leave a date or encounter, especially with a sugar daddy who is looking for a sugar baby. However, you must remember that you can always leave the situation if you don’t feel comfortable, safe, or you simply decide that this isn’t the right person for you.

Remember: if you are using sugar baby sites to find a gay sugar daddy, you must practice common sense safety tips that will help you stay safe in the long-term. Never meet someone you don’t feel comfortable with, and always meet in public first to verify their identity before you go to a private location.

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