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Power of A Casual Encounter

by Mar 18, 20190 comments

You all have them several times a day; the casual encounter with someone. It may be someone that you know but have not seen for quite some time. Also, it may be someone you’ve never met at all.

However, no matter who it is or their history with people, an encounter is an opportunity. But too many times you do not take advantage of these casual encounters or understand the power they may have even if you’re in business for yourself.

When you begin a business, particularly one that relies on your ability to network with others, you’ve automatically given up your ability to skip your make-up and hair and go to the store in your grubby clothes. Why? You never know who you’ll meet, and appearances mean a lot.

Also, if you look successful, glad, put together, it’s far more likely the people will be interested in talking to you. This is peculiarly true if you run into someone you have not seen for a while. If you look great, they’re going to want to know what you’re doing to watch that great. And perhaps they want to look that great too!

Additionally, finding casual encounters isn’t something you should find stressful. Only you need to find the best online platform like Ashley Madison, that can avail the audience of like-minded people looking for the same relationship. Hookup sites are among the best and most effective places you could take your search for a casual encounter. Because, every member there’s looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. Also, some of the few online platforms you could try that have modern features for hookups is Ashley Madison, and so on.

More, sometimes casual encounters are with people who are strangers. Perhaps you’re just standing in line at the grocery store, and you strike up a conversation. If you have believed in fate, then you know there are no casual encounters. You meet the people that you’re supposed to meet; on one way or the other.

You should be sure that the encounter doesn’t end without the person at least knowing what you’re doing for a living. That does not mean you’ve to whip out your elevator speech and your business card, and it just means that, at a minimum, they should know that you’re working for yourself in some capacity.

Moreover, if you plant the seed, you never know where or when it will grow. It may be three weeks from now, it may be three months from now, but that person you talked to about your business will remember what you talked about. Also, that same person may need something you sell, may want to join your company, or may want some advice about something in their business.

Use the casual encounter to escalate your network. You never know where it may lead.

There are no little or small events in life, those you think of no consequence may be full of fate, and it’s at your own risk if you neglect the opportunities and acquaintances that appear to be casually offered, and of little significance. Amelia E. Barr

Furthermore, in this age and day what’s a casual encounter? But so the definition of casual encounter can’t remain similar. If it means to see someone for various reasons irregularly, then you casually encounter people all of the time. However, these days with such an online presence you still do not feel that these are occasional meetings. You know all the details of each other lives just by logging in.

The same goes for possible romantic or sexual relationships, and you can connect before ever even meeting in real life. While nothing truly feels casual anymore, it also takes time even to build these casual relationships.

Top 5 Casual Encounter Sites

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What Women Really Want from a Casual Encounter

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No Strings Attached Review

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Adult Friend Finder Review

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