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Swing Lifestyle Review

If you are looking for a reliable and vintage place to pursue your swinger fantasies, then is the place for you to be at. They are not that flashy adult swinger dating site, but they are effective, they are for real.

With their huge membership base, they are all set to introduce to new people, around your area. If you are an outdoor person, party person, swinger person, whatever. You can surely join their events and trips to meet exciting swingers in actual.

Things are really exciting here, though plain, but who needs colors on a computer screen, when you are already coloring your nights with the colors of sex, joy, and pleasure. is a place you should be if you really want to get laid.

Let’s look inside this adult swinger dating and hookup site and find out, what’s cooking.

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SwingLifestyle Review Registration and User experience

The registration process of this adult swinger dating site is just like its interface. It is very simple and plain. Though it is full of erotic content, the interface appears little undermined. It is a vintage adult dating site, and vintage is always cooler.

With its simple registration process and in-site features, is doing great in actually introducing people, on their website. You have to fill your sexual fantasies and desires in their profile form. So, you can be really creative, with your choice of words.

Rest of the registration process is the same as normal adult dating industry standards, but the fact that you can fill your preferences, rather choosing from pre-decided check listed categories. More chance you get to express yourself on these adult swinger dating sites, better it is. When there are so many people waiting with their dick in hands, it is better to highlight yourself from the crowd, through a personal touch. Features


The reason why we kept this in features is the fact that they really have a huge membership base, they are in business from last 18 years, and through their user interface is not awesome, they actually have lots of people across the world, who are eagerly waiting to add excitement in their life.

Membership fee

The membership fee of this site is very modest, unlike other adult swinger dating sites. Also, you have an option of a lifetime membership for this site. Just one-time investment and you are all done for life. Because in any case, it is not the case that you have to use it the whole of your life. But lifetime membership is great if you are an on/off swinger.


This is where things change on this adult swinger dating site, as compared to other dating sites. Their extensive collaboration in the tourism industry helps them to organize trips and cruises, where you can easily meet other swingers and strike a conversation. When people are in a party mood, they are more friendly, and all we need is a few conversations to fall in love, right?


There are millions of people on this adult swinger dating site. Everybody is trying to find a nice person to have a nice time with. They all are efficiently connecting with each other through various versatile groups and clubs available on platform.


You can always stay updated with the happenings across the website, stay in sync with various events who are going on with the swinger lifestyle community. With their calendar feature, you can take your pursuit of a swinger lifestyle, to a new level. Pros

  • The large membership base is one of the most important positive points about this adult swinger dating site. Large membership across the globe gives ample sample near your home to connect to.
  • Swinger lifestyle community events are one of the most striking highlights of this adult swinger dating and hook up site. These events give you a direct face to face access to swingers across the globe. Cons

  • No video and audio chat option are a bit of upsetting news, but you can message and email people, on private email addresses, which will always remain discreet and secret.
  • The user interface of this adult swinger dating and hook up site is a bit of an old-fashioned landscape. This swinger dating site is working from last 18 years, working effortlessly to make people come closer, and working efficiently to actually make it happen. Safety

The safety of people who are bold enough to seek what they actually want is very important. Because these people are rare and do not hold good with societal norms. It is extremely important to stay anonymous and safe at places like adult swinger dating sites.

Hence, the safety and security of their swinger community, are some of the most important factors, considered by people. It is a fun place to be, but not an unsafe one. You can reach and meet many people, on this adult swinger dating site.

There are so many ways to fulfill your kinky swinger desires, that too in a safe and robust infrastructure of But, keep yourself away from announcing yourself too early, or too late. Stay anonymous and keep hunting. Conclusion

We would definitely ask you to go and join community. No one is a fan of the flashy user interface. Also, if the work is getting done, why is there any need for the user interface? They have a huge membership base, and from the last 18 years, their good words and membership base is increasing only.

Yes, there is no video chat or web chat, but do you really need it? When you can meet them directly in various swinger lifestyle community events. If you really want to try being a swinger, there is no better place to be than the cruises and trips organized by the swinger lifestyle community. is a legend adult swinger dating site, and it is helping people to meet and greet from last 18 years. If you have a perennial urge to enjoy pleasures of the swinger lifestyle, go and join the