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Whats Your Price Review

It happens often that men and women come together on their own conditions and create rules for playing games of sugar. When it comes to dating sugar daddy sites, the questions arises; which sugar daddy site is best for such activities? If you are interested then is must; it is a platform where rich men and sugar babies come together for mutual benefits and relationships. In case you are one of those people that are looking for sugar daddies and sugar mommies, internet is the best place for you. Let’s get in to more detail that how can you find an authentic sugar baby site on the internet in order to find yourself a perfect match.

Whenever you visit a sugar daddy site, the first thing you notice is the style and the layout of it. You will be certainly impressed by the design of; it has a minimalistic design and the colors and just right. Unlike many sugar daddy sites, the interface is not clustered and everything is designed perfectly. On the first page of the website, you will notice the positive reviews by the experts. The website is very easy to use and anyone can figure out its functions very easily, as there are no distractions or random buttons leading to unwanted pages. It is pleasing to use a well-managed website that not only looks pretty but easy to use as well.

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Whats Your Price Review


Registration on

At most of the dating website people refrain from registration or making an account as it is a hectic procedure and complicated. At you will not have to worry about that; registration is very easy as it demands minimum information. All that you have to do is to state your gender as this from where the process of registration will start because you will receive or send the payment depending on your gender. After that, you have to choose a username, type in your email address, a unique password and your birthdate. That is it! Your profile will be set up. The registration is free at so you do not have to worry about putting in your credit card information.

Filters & Selection

You have to find the right woman if you want to be the lucky one. It is easily done by using the search bar and adding filters. You can select the attributes of the woman that you want to meet. You can filter out a woman based on her age, appearance and other features of the woman. Filter is a very convenient tool to get the right woman for yourself. You can add multiple filter to pinpoint the woman of your liking so that the women meet your demands.

Whats Your Price Features

WhatsYourPrice, was developed for only one purpose that is to connect people with each other. Its niche is communication between opposite genders which leads to chatting, dating and hanging out. Here are some features of the website that you might be interested in:

  • The users have the facility to send emails to each other.
  • Not only emails, but there are other ways of flirting with the ones you are interested in such as sending wings.
  • There are features that support gathering attention, in case you feel like drawing a female’s attention to your profile then all you have to do is start a conversation.
  • The users also have the option of browsing profiles.
  • There is a unique feature which makes this site a known one, and that’s bidding. When you give it a try you will realize that it is more like an auction.
  • You will find this site a little different from the other sugar daddy sites because they do offer you some interesting and unusual services.

Does WhatsYourPrice have a Mobile app?

Unfortunately, the website does not offer you an application for mobile phones. Do not lose hope, because they might be launching an application for your ease in the coming future.  In our opinion, the website is really easy to use due you the user-friendly interface they have to offer. The website can be used at any device, even on mobile phone and it is convenient to use. You will be getting high quality services while you use on the website and it’s functional enough.

What will you get in free version?

It is not like any other sugar daddy online dating sites because the site does not appreciate the hidden charges. The website is focused on the paid services, instead of promoting the free ones. This can be taken in positive way because at least they are not lying. Registration is absolutely free, but in order to use the features such as manipulations, matchmaking and going through profiles etc. you have to buy the paid version. One can say that it is affordable to find their paid version, because most of the users do go for it. The website has been working for 8 years now, they have invested so much to come up with a sugar daddy dating website which is authentic.

What will you get in the Paid membership?

If you choose to go for a paid version, then it makes it easier for you, seeking sugar daddy easily. If you are looking for a sugar baby, then it is more suitable that you go for a paid version because it leaves an impression along with making your profile prominent. In the paid version, you can send direct messages and start a conversation. You have the option of biding on dates, it starts with you creating a bid and then if any of the lady likes it, she replies to it.


If you want to secure your profile on WhatsYourPrice then you can go for a verification process. You do have to pay a cost for it that is around 50 dollars. It is worth your money, because you are investing in something you want. It is not a scam and offer you customer support. When you go for the paid version, your data is more secure.