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Affair Alert 

We all want sex, and if it is in our hand, we want to bang a new hot and sexy person every day. But it is not possible of course, we are not a sex god or Brad Pitt. We are normal people, but yeah! We all desire to have an awesome and exciting sex life. Being married is good for a few early years before things start to be too obvious hence boring. Suddenly a sensuous and steamy relationship changes to a sexless marriage.

In today’s world, it is not that hard to find a hookup partner near your place, with sites like you can actively reach lonely wives and husbands near your place, and have a cuddling casual encounter with them, with no strings attached. It offers you a variety of features such as advanced search, private messaging, active sex chat using your webcam, matchmaking as per your preferences, and of course, lots of nude and passionate videos.

Apart, from this will also provide you features, to fulfill your sexual desires virtually with their ambassador profiles, who will be with you every time, keeping you indulged in exciting and steamy conversations.

Since provides full liberty to its users to express themselves the way they want to, you can take an avatar of your choice, and interact with people until you decide to reveal yourself. It is an exciting place to be if you are alone or in a sexless relationship, and want some action in your life.

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Affair Alert Review is a dedicated discreet married dating site for people who are in sexless marriage or an open marriage, and are willing to take risk and indulge in affairs with hot and beautiful sex personals. It provides you a great opportunity to search and reach people near your place and have a naughty and secret affair with them.

Apart from setting casual encounters, it also provides you a virtual world of fantasy cuties, who will always be at your side, to listen to you and be naughty with you, online.

Let’s dive deep and find out more about this discreet married dating site.

Registration and User Experience

Before you start the registration process, you have to agree to this statement “If I see pictures of someone, I know I will be discreet to protect their privacy. I’ll respect the sexual desires of other members.” Well, they won’t ask you to have a bible in hand while doing that, so we could take it as a marketing tactic.

The registration process is very short and consists of 4 super small steps, asking your gender, a username-password, and an email. When you reach the registration page, you can see a ticking clock giving you around 36 minutes to finish the process, we found it a bit funny since the process will take only a minute, and if you just refresh the page the clock will be again set to 36 minutes and 20 seconds.

Affair alert allows you to use your unique username to interact with all other members of the site, and reveal your identity as per your will, another example of their commitment towards keeping you discreet.

Once you are inside this discreet married dating site, it will give you lots of features to explore and get your first naughty date with a lonely wife or husband lurking around, for sex and excitement, with no strings attached.

You can use its’ search feature to find other folks, message them even if you are a free member, use their matchmaking feature known as Quickie. Apart from that, you can have live chat by using a webcam, explore endless nude and arousing videos, and make your own friends’ network there.


Affair alert provides you an efficient feature to search other members on the site by using filters like age, location, and physical traits. Narrowing down your choices save you from being confused since the general feed on your homepage will contain endless profiles of hot and desperate women/men.

It also provides a matchmaking feature, which will use some magical computer algorithm to suggest sex personals, to connect and start a sex chat with, or have an affair, or indulge in casual dating, or straight to a casual encounter making you weak below the knees.

Since affair alert works in a very niche segment and specializes in providing married discreet dating chances, you can very well expect to have an affair with a lonely wife in a sexless marriage, seeking hookups with no strings attached.

Messaging and Connections

A very good gesture from is the fact that they provide messaging services even to the free users, though it is limited to few messages once you upgrade to a premium member, they will give you unlimited access to their messaging services.

Once you have access to unlimited messaging, you can easily indulge in a private chat with someone, or use your webcam to have an awesome and arousing video chat late at night.

You can upload your images and videos on your profile, which will be private and hidden from everyone by default, unless you decide otherwise. As a free member you can access photos and videos of other members, but after switching to premium account, you can send permission requests to other users, to look at their personal gallery.

Also, you can easily create a friend’s network on this site, which would be a collection of trustworthy people, you have already known. You can always connect to any one of them, in case you are not able to meet anyone new. Kind of sure shot sex friends. also use the services of third-party websites fantasy cuties to create ambassador profiles, with an aim to increase the participation from people, and also to provide you a reliable friend, to whom you can switch to, whenever you are feeling alone.

Conclusion is a cool place to be, especially if you are married and looking to bang some hot people near your place, by being discreet and hidden from the prying eyes of people around you.

In case you really find someone, you know on this site, it will be better to contact them since it will be confirmed that they need something which you can provide. 

You can explore this site by opting for a 3-day trial which will cost you around 9 Dollars, Considering the niche it takes you to, it’s not a bad price to pay and verify.

It will give you some great features to search and connect to its membership base reaching millions of people. If not, it will always provide you an ambassador to have some sweet and naughty sex chats.

We expect you to be vigilant, about any scam running inside the site, as give full liberty to its members to do whatever they want, by staying in certain limits, they are putting their trust in their members, you do not have to necessarily do that. Hence, be wise in your selections.s

All the best, may your nights never be alone! 🙂