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best escort sites

We hope that our list will help you with finding the best possible escort services nearby you and we hope that after this top 20 sites list you will be able to choose the site of your niche and interest without any
fear of being scammed.

#1 Skip The Game


If you are one of those people who want to use their sex life as a service then the best opportunity id given by Skipthegames website. As they are giving a chance to adult service providers which also includes escorts and that too for the entire world. As far as the design of the site is concerned, it is pretty average and you can find the cities of top escorts on there, then you can find the ads and apply accordingly. All you have to do is find an ad that suits your
criteria and reply to it.

You can make further search in terms of place, sex and your priorities to get more results. The best part about the site is that no official ads are given on the website, ad-free and user friendly website.

In case you are looking for an escort then this website allows you to post a free ad. Total service is free, but the site is not responsible for the services provided by the escort. You can click on profiles and public reviews there. You can find popular services providers there too. We suggest you to read reviews first. The site offers restrictive signup hours for new users in order to deal with scams. It is one of the top sites in the United States, overall it is a great site to find the best possible escort or earn as one.

#2 Listcrawler 


If you didn’t know about ListCrawler then you are missing a lot of fun, as it is one of the top escort sites in town. In case you want to hire an escort for yourself then do not wait and go to the homepage of the site. As soon as you will open it, enter the type you want and you will be amazed of the results. First you will have to confirm that you are of 21 years old. On the homepage you will come across some categories such as milfy, car fun, desi ahl, independent, Trans and much more. We are sure that you have got the idea.

There is a vertical list of escorts on their homepage, which you can change to a box like format. You will get to see the most recent ads first and these ads contain the age, name, and short description of the services they are going to provide you. It is easy to decide about hiring an escort when you can judge them by their bio. When you click on any photo of an escort then you will be able to get more information about them. You will get to see the pictures too, we know you are interested in it. Their profiles also come with reviews and comments on the basis of which you can judge their abilities.

#3 Adult Search 

adult search

The adultsearch is considered as one of the top 5 sites in the Unites States for hiring and becoming an escort. As far as its functionality is concerned, then we would say it’s rather simple because you can easily and simply find an escort also the right one. You can find them all there without any hassle such as  local, escorts, massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops everything is available to you. You also have the option to search with the help of ethnicity, hair color, eye color, payment methods and services. Due to this you can check the huge variety available there. One of the good news for the users is that there are few ex-pornstars that can be found there and you can hire them as your escort. When you tap add button you will get to see the images as well with description. One of the drawbacks of the site is that they do not mention the date of the add due to which there are chances that it can be outdated.

#4 Escort Babylon 


If you are looking for young and fresh escorts then this platform is for you, with a very simple and easy to use interface this site has it all for you. You can go to the homepage of the site and come across many categories from which you can explore the functions and features of the site. It allows you to get the best escort for you day. Even if you want to become one and make love then go you have the opportunity to make money from something you are good at. There is no doubt that sex is related to emotions but you can provide these services with your freedom and choice and can make good money for yourself.

#5 City X Guide 

There is no doubt that this has to be in the list because of the fact that the site is working since years and had gained the reputation and trust of its users. It is one of those sites that are trustworthy and you can starting hunting for the perfect escort. You will be coming across many fresh faces there and we are telling you that this site is so much fun. First of all, it is a user-friendly and easy to use website, you will notice that promotional ads are minimum over there and you can use the advanced search function in order to find your type of escorts. We want to tell you that sometimes it can be really intimidating because in case you don’t know the site is huge and babes from around the world are present there. United States is in the prominent section on the homepage but if you want you can look around and help yourself.

#6 BedPage 

Bedpage is paid but you will know that it is worth it because you can find the best possible escorts over there. From prostitutes to studs there is nothing that you cannot find over there. If you are one of those people that want to hook up in few hours and cannot wait for so long then go for this website as it is a savior.

#7 Top Escort Babes 

It is one of those sites that is popular all around the globe and has millions of users. One of the reason could be its sleek and high end design, it is not one of those sites that are not good at presentation. You can check out their Top 50 tab in order to find the hot and sexy escorts from all over the globe. The reason behind using this tab is that it is like a category where you can find a lot of hot stuff and will not regret it, one can say it is a shortcut. You can also find the top agencies for finding an escort on this site, it gives you a detailed pricing according to each country mentioned. One of its coolest feature is its world map that you can use to find the escorts near you or to check where the escorts are currently. On the site currently, there are more than 30,000 escorts but they are growing day by day. You might encounter some annoying Gif ads while you are searching for escorts.

#8 Tryst.Link 

First of all, one should appreciate the fact that this site looks beautiful and is considered as the best looking escort site where you can find all the listings. You will notice that the site is visually attractive as there are tons of images right on the homepage for you. As soon as you reach the website you are ready to experience it. The quality of photos is great, people were eagerly waiting for this site and so far they are not regretting it at all. If you do not know Tryst is formed by the Assembly 4 and anyone who used to be a Switter fan is going to love it. Assembly 4 is behind the creation of switter as well. As soon as the website was launched people had great hope and expectations from it and it did not disappoint anyone. The interface is user friendly and basic, you can search with the help of keywords.

#9 Escort Index 

Do you want to get to a platform where you can check all the ads at one? You are one of those people that do not want to peek in to many sites but like to find all of them under one roof. Escorts index is that site for you because this site has collected all the possible ads for you that you can now find it yourself which escort do you need.

#10 TS Escorts 

Are you looking for a trans companion to have fun with, do you want to spend the fun moments without looking around too much for too long. Do not wait go to this website and you will be amazed to see that how many Tran’s people are available. Not only Trans but for shemales and other related orientations. You can make search on this site as per your requirement and need.

#11 Erotic Monkey  

Erocticmonkey is all about the authentic reviews that you always wanted. Whenever you are looking for an escort or a site the fort thing you check is the reviews about it if there are nice reviews you go for it. If you are in to reviews that are not only kinky but also worth a read then you can reach out to Erocticmonkey and fulfill your desires. This site is helpful in many ways. Because there you can find the fictional articles, reviews, videos, love and sex and a category of gallery. In short it has it all, everything you thought is available at one site. It talks about sex worker, your love life and sex life, or one can say any topic that is related to sex and love is there. All you have to do is go to the website and start finding interesting stuff to read. The working of site is same as other sites that provide classified ads for it. As soon as Craigslist personal section was taken down Megapersonals come in to the scene and impressed many.

#12 Mega Personals  

If you are someone who does not mind laying down for someone and can provide these services or want to avail this services then Megapersonals is for you. You will be surprised to know that the user community of the site is mostly married, coupled or even single and there can be any combination you can think of. Simply means that all answers to your fantasy is right there.

#13 Slixa 

It is a whole directory where you can find all the types of escorts and can negotiate with them. You are able to easily contact the escort because of the contact info that is available on the site and there are many photos available there by which you can find the perfect escort for yourself. Most of the escorts are from New York and Los Angeles but this site is for the whole world wide and you can find escorts from most of the regions without worrying about it. As far as scammers are concerned then in most of these sites the responsibility is upon you to determine that whether you are in safe hands or not.

#14 TNA Board 

It is going to become your go to platform and we know the reasons, there you can find the agencies that can help you with finding the best possible escorts, along with that you get to see a lot of ads of independent escorts that you can personally contact and negotiate with them about your priorities. There are several hookup opportunities on the site. But, the best part is that you can also enjoy webcam performances in which you can see the most epic stuff. TNA board is one of those sites that are paying for intercourse. 

#15 Adult Look 

It is one of the most popular sites in the United Kingdom and obviously there are many reasons behind it. First of all that this website has to offer you webcam service where you fantasize and enjoy all you want. There is an option of phone chat, SMS chat which result in erotic services. When you reach out to the site you will be seeing that it consists of blogs that you can read for help and entertainment other than that there is a proper humor section where you can entertain yourself. You will get pictures that can change your mind and then last but not the least who doesn’t like sex stories? If you do too, then go ahead and open the world of sex stories on this site because every sex story is different. You might learn from it a lot even if you don’t you will be entertained and interested in reading those. The site has to offer you a lot of details in its functions and features which allows you to find an escort that is according to your preferences. If you are concerned with the ads then we can say it’s pretty much better than other websites in this matter. If we talk about its drawbacks then we could not find any other than that it is prominently used in the US other than in other countries such as Canada.

#16 Escort Directory 

As the name of the site is saying it all about its functions that it is one of the best and popular sites among the people who are crazy about escorts. It is a directory where you can find contact of all the possible escorts in town or nearby you. It is working in worldwide and thousands of agencies are attached to the site. The layout of the site is pretty amazing with a user friendly interface. Overall it is easy to use and you can navigate it according to your requirements. The number of escorts that are currently listed over there are more than 50,000 and possibly you will the perfect escort for yourself out of this huge number. In case you want to sort out the listings then the functions are really handy and you can do it in minutes. If you are looking for independent escorts then they are available but we would suggest you hire them through agencies because comparatively it is safe. If you keep on scrolling and reach the bottom page of the website you will be able to find the countries that are list right at the bottom of the site. The ads are really minimum on this sides, you might notice some ads at the bottom of the website’s page which is fairly okay that they are not all over the site. In terms of pictures, they have a verification process but apart from that the verification of picture is a good sign and there are only 5 percent escorts who have the verified picture of themselves on this site.

#17 Harlot Hub 

This website is referred as one of the shaddy ones among the users and the reason is that most of the view that it a scam. We want to assure you that it is not a scam but just a contact building site for escorts or it gives a platform where you can contact with escorts now the responsibility of the escort is upon you. We agree that there should be more security offered to its users in upcoming time. Overall, the site is pretty simple and does the job of fulfilling your fantasies regarding an escort because you always want to experience it without any hurdle.

#18 TS 4 Rent

If you are more in to Trans, shemale escorts and into dating the transsexual people or need to get a transsexual escort then do visit this website as it is full of fun and is specifically dealing with the need of transsexual escorts. You are not going to regret visiting this website ever because it fulfills your fantasy of having shemale escort and much more. Not only that there you can find ladyboys and you are able to watch TS escorts live shows. If you are exclusively in to shemales or you are one the visit the website, we added it in to the list because we wanted you all know that there is a site for transsexuals specially. If you are one, you will be more comfortable there.  

#19 Leo List

In case you don’t know then let us tell you that Leolist is said to be the number 1 site of escorts in Canada and as far as its users are concerned then at 10,000,000 users pay a visit to the site which just shows it authenticity. As far as its interface is concerned then it is pretty simple to use. You can easily find the information on massage centers, fetishes, gigs, jobs and male and tranny escorts. As soon you reach the website and start exploring you will get to the pictures of the escorts that you consider. There are various filters available on the site such as the handy filter tool in order to filter the age, sex and orientation and another benefit is that when you clock an ad you will know at what time it was posted and by this you can find the fresh escorts.

#20 LA Escort Models

As far as our last but not least suggestion is concerned then
we would like you to check out laescortmodels site, the purpose of the site is
the same that you can become an independent escort over there or you can just
find some for yourself. It totally depends upon your own preferences and choice,
but on the part of the site it presents the best escort models from many
regions and you can just find your choice with the help of applying different