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  • Popularity 88% 88%
  • Features 89% 89%
  • Safety 85% 85%
  • Value for money 88% 88%

Overall Rating is the Facebook of naughty people, it doesn’t mean they are not on Facebook, but there are few things, you just can ‘t reveal to anyone. Hence, you need places like to socialize with millions of people, who have a kinky taste in sex.

When you will reach their home page, you will not see, huge boobs flowing around, or people tied in rope, that too nude. They want to keep things more natural and less superficial. There are lots of people here.

Lots of crazy, naughty, and kinky people, with very fun ideas to have a great fetish experience. Due to the huge membership base, you can find a large number of groups to join in, and make your voice heard.

People imagine that online fetish dating and hookup sites will just produce a girl for them, from somewhere. This is the reason, you can see these dating sites, full of lurings, to get laid, as early as possible.

In reality, If people want to come and submit themselves to you, they have to trust you and know you as a person. We often miss this important point. But, the Fetlife community still believe in old and authentic ways of connecting two naughty minds together.

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Fetlife Review

Registration and User experience

The registration process of this kinky fetish dating site is a simple one. They will ask for your nickname, and other normal information, they will also ask for “Role”, I don’t know if they are expecting my designation. But I would definitely play the main “Role”. *Wynk

They will verify your phone number, so that is something new, it helps to keep the non-serious people, out of the community. You can definitely get in and reach others, but you have to be genuine fetish seeker.

They will also make you fill, a list of fetishes, and kinks, you are interested in, or desire for. This information will be used to suggest some nice groups for you to join, and start your journey towards kinks and naughty fetishes. is very generous in providing full opportunities to its free users, and you can access almost anything, but to see the videos, you have to pay some money. Their membership is very reasonable too.



This is one of the most powerful driving forces, taking this fetish dating site to a totally new and different genre. If you have something nice to say, people will recognize it, and they will appreciate you, for what you are.

This is one of the most effective ways to build your network and meet some genuine people.

Discussion Groups

There are many discussion groups here, they could be public or private, but there are many. You have to be really genuine to enter some of the groups, because some of the discussion groups are fed up of pranksters, doing shitty stuff.

Large community

They have a huge community, there are people from all around the world, who are active on the, secretly.  You can find so many like-minded people, in a short span of time. It depends on you, where you take the conversation., of course.


Through a regular feed on your home page, you can easily stay updated, regarding various things people are doing. Of course, you have to follow them. It is all about making connections here. Start a conversation and take it slow, patience is always far better than rushing into things. One holds the treasure, and other, nothing.

Choose wisely.



  • The best thing about this site is its community, these people are really awesome and sporty, they will appreciate, for whatever efforts you put forward, to introduce you.
  • The membership fee for this fetish and kinky social network is not very high. They genuinely want people to come and have a nice time on their infrastructure. They will charge money, and everyone will live happily.
  • You will find, a large number of people, in the Fetlife community. Due to their large membership base, there are multiple groups, containing millions of people, go try your luck.


  • The site has an old-fashioned user interface, maybe they are more inclined towards a vintage look, a sure shot proved place to socialize, meet and fuck. Say anything, just don’t say, you don’t want sex.

Safety is serious about the safety of its members, they are not going to share your precious data with anyone. They take their community with high regards. Hence, everyone is respected and protected here.

Even if you are searching for something, they will not show you advertising based on that, you are secured, do your work, get someone. They do capture some Key performance indicators to keep providing a consistent and valuable service to their community members.

They are committed to protecting user data, with all their capacity, unless asked by the jurisdiction to share information, formally. All information and transactions are kept encrypted to give an extra layer of security to their community members.

Conclusion is kinky heaven, not only they claim it, but they also put efforts to keep it that way. The atmosphere on this site is totally different, from what you can expect from a normal kinky fetish dating site.

They want people to come to a commonplace and share their ideas and thoughts. Amidst all this, there are high chances that, you will find many people, who are interested in doing the same things, as you want to do.

With their large Fetlife community, there are endless opportunities, for you to go in, and try your luck to meet some really nice-looking people, looking to spice things up in their Bedroom. They like more slow and authentic ways to encourage people.

It is not much cost to get into this kinky site, and you will find so many things to indulge in and have fun. The Fetlife community is a different one, a better one.