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Gay Friend Finder

The Gay friend finder community is keeping the spirit of gay sexual experiences, really high. There are so many people, from across the globe, who are looking to meet some hot single gay man, near their place.

You can surely send them messages and emails to start a conversation, but after that, it is all about how you take the conversation from there. It can lead to a “K’ as a reply, or can also lead to lots of grunts and sounds of pleasure, on your bed. It is all in your hands.

With their effective search feature, your ideal gay friend is not so far from you. Go out and grab them, or make them grab you. Whatever you want, there are people, looking to do it with someone like you.

We feel that it is extremely important to give every human being a choice, about he/she wants to carry on receiving pleasures of the intercourse. The gay community is there, standing strongly. It is ok to be anything we want. Hence, we want you to get the best dating experience and a successful gay friend hunt.

Let us check out the numerous other features and details of your experience on this kinky gay dating and hookup site.

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Gay Friend Finder Review

Registration and User experience

The registration process of this gay dating and hookup site is very simple and is divided into five simple steps. They will start by asking about who you are looking for, and fuck around with.

Post that, they want to know your birthdate, maybe for age verification, but that is dumb. Anyways, they will already indicate your country, thanks to your browser cookies, you just have to give them your territory/state and you can proceed to the next step.

You have to give your email address and select a username and password combination, and you are ready to get into the final step. It is a good thing to make an elaborative profile, people will judge you on the basis of your profile info only, because of course, you won’t upload your best FB display picture, as your profile pic, here.

Once you are inside, you will not find much difficulty browsing around a neat user interface of the There are many people, and lots of ways to reach people, anytime, across the globe.


There are many ways you can contact people on this kinky gay dating and hookup site. You can, of course, search for them using their extensive search feature, by using their numerous filters, you can easily make your list a bit lean.

Also, there are many ways to connect to people, you can send them instant messages, or can send them emails. Well, emails are not the best way to connect generally, but here even these outdated letters are really effective.

Also, you can easily chat with people, using their webcam chat. Well, it might take some time to reach there, so keeping patience is advisable.




They have a very strong search feature, and apart from normal filters of age, location, etc. You can also check out the paid members profiles. A nice way to verify genuine genitals, on the other side of the screen.

Search is the most useful and successful way to find new and interesting people, as per your preferences. You can also check for people, who are online right now.


You can also join forums and start a conversation regarding numerous topics, a good way to find out the mood of the Gay friend finder community.


You can share your opinion and thoughts, by using their blog platform. Put down some interesting observations and perspectives, and people will start recognizing you. And, you already know, what happens with famous people.

Favorite list

You can easily create a list of people; you find really hot and you wish to fuck them. If not fuck them, you will surely enjoy their body show. Best way to keep nice people easily accessible is by using the favorite list.

Profile comments

You can write comments on other profiles; this is a new way to connect to people. You can, of course, write something nice or kinky or appealing, and keep your fingers crossed.



  • A large number of options are given to users to filter their search of people, they like.
  • A very supporting community. A very engaging and supportive community of this kinky gay dating and hookup site helps you a lot to find your next gay friend.


  • Too many old profiles, which might not be active today are present on this gay hookup site, which might frustrate you a bit.



The is very active in keeping a safe and secure atmosphere in their infrastructure. They take email verification very seriously and only after the email verification, you can use site features, in a better way.

They want rich profiles and will insist you to upload a nice picture of yourself. But the point is, it is not a very great choice to keep a profile picture with a face, on such gay dating and hookup site.

Yes, people are friendly here, but there is no need to reveal yourself to everyone, you can do it when the right time will come. And, it will come, keep trying.


The Gay Friend Finder brand is very old and is actively helping homosexuals to come together and live a sex life of their choice, in the last 24 years. There are people on this gay dating and hookup site, there are many genuine and enthusiastic people, looking forward to great gay sex.

There are many quick and fast way to search for, and reach people. Though you will find very few chances to interact with people if you are a free member. But, once you have paid the membership fee, you can theoretically do anything.

There is a lot of excitement, fun, and sex waiting for you, at one of the legendary gay dating and hookup sites, Check now!