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Gaydar is a legendary gay dating and hookup site, helping people to come, socialize, and make some gay friends. They have a very open community, full of enthusiasm and empathy. The has tried to update themselves, with the changing world, by introducing changes in their services.

Though the old customers are unhappy, due to unexpected changes in the vision of their favorite gay dating and hookup site, is again gaining its popularity in the world of thirsty and alone people, looking for companionship.

Of course, you can connect to anyone you want. Also, they help you to get sex, even when you are traveling outside. By using their mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS, you can easily make new gay friends, whenever you are traveling.

Suddenly, there are so many sites, who are offering opportunities to get hold of a gay friend. But, not all of them could be of any help to you. Hence, it is always good to trust something, which is there, in the industry for a long time. is one of those champions gay dating and hookup site. Let us explore more about various aspects of this kinky gay dating and hookup site, the

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Gaydar Review

Registration and User experience

The registration process for this kinky gay dating site is really small and quick. Yes, they will ask you to upload your profile picture. But, just don’t reveal everything in it. Your pictures might be seen in search results, and if you are hot, you could be used as a poster boy too.

Other than this, there is only usual stuff, your email address, which will be later verified, before allowing you to contact anyone. You have to select your username and password. Here too, just stay in your alias. Suppress those urges of showing off your best asset, your face.

You can also, use your Facebook account to sign-up, in this kinky gay dating and hookup site, then there will be no questions asked. And, once you are inside, you can do what pleases you, there will be no questions asked.


Cupid Search

If you are a paid member of this site, you can also get exclusive suggestions by Gaydar, based on your preferences, and their algorithm.

Match and Meet

You can rate other users, and if you like them, gaydar will let them know. And, after that, they will definitely give you a look.


You can also use this old-fashioned way of searching for people, you can surely help yourself. If you are a free member, you can use a restricted number of filters as compared to the paid users.

Online Members

Gaydar will keep updating you, regarding people who are online and are actively looking for a quick meet-up. Who searches for their love of life, with dick in hand?

Real-Time Location

On the basis of your real-time location, the will pop-up your profile to the people of that area. Take your fun with you, wherever you go.

Travel Planner

You can plan your whole travel, with and share it with your friends, or gaydar will keep your profile visible, many days before you reach that place. So, you can get enough time to make a few friends.


You can contact people easily, by sending them direct messages. In fact, there are so many ways to get in touch with people around. You can write comments on their profile, and grab their attention. While you are having a conversation with someone, you can spice things up, by also sending images and videos, along with normal messages. There is a whole WhatsApp there.

Mobile Application

One really good thing about is their Mobile Apps, who are available both on Android and iOS devices. Using the real-time location feature of their mobile app, you can surely find hot gay friends, wherever you go..



  • You can use their Travel Planner to plan your trips while making sure you meet new gay friends at the place you are going.
  • The large community of will keep you engaged and entertained, while you search for your next sexual experience.
  • The mobile app is a great help to make you reach new people, on the go. Using their real-time location feature, your business trips, won’t be that boring anymore.


  • The new change in the theme and user interface of this gay dating and hookup site is something disliked by their community. But, gaydar is trying its best to go back to the days of glory once again.


Gaydar is honestly committed to empowering its members to exercise nice control over the people they meet. You can just block people, who are bothering you too much. Or, if you have already found someone decent and hot, you can just go underground, on this kinky gay dating and hookup site. You can mark your profile, your images and other content as private, and the people you choose would be able to see your stuff. You can decide with your friends; you are in total control. Even if things still go out of your hands, you can easily contact their customer support team too, help you out. Misbehaviour is not tolerated, at all.


If you are a traveling person, then the will be great for you. It is stuffed with so many features to use your real-time location, and suggest you people. Hence, you can always have fun, no matter you are at home or traveling outside.

Gaydar community is a huge group of open-minded folks and experience seekers, if you also hold kinky desires in you, it will be a nice opportunity to join the community and meet some like-minded people like you.

No need to stop, before you get what you want. If it is gay sex, then be it. You are mended to make your own decisions, and decide your happiness.

Explore the opportunities, with