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Top 5 Apps Women Use to Hookup

by Jun 24, 20190 comments

Sometimes, you just want to get laid. We investigate the best five hookup apps women like use from a large amount dating and hookup apps. Whether you’re looking for casual sex or just looking to send some naughty photos, here are our top picks for the best hookup apps for women:


Tinder as of today does not have a rival that can compete seriously; this indicates that it has created a monopoly.

Tinder has managed to get more than 10 billion matches, that means that it has managed to form around 5 billion couples or friends, it is an application in which users are invited to meet people from all over the world. It is one of the most effective tools that exist today in Google Play and the Appstore. This application is not limited to anything, since it is possible to find or make contact with people from other cities or countries. Through Tinder you will meet people that perhaps in everyday life you would never have known.

The fun of this application is that you will go sliding to see the profiles of people with whom they could make Match with. This means that you’d indicate that you like a profile, and if the other person also does same on yours, then that is considered a Match on Tinder. At that point you can start chatting with the person you are matched with, be they boys or girls, that depends on you.

Tinder iOS | Tinder Android



Badoo was successful from the moment its app was created for mobile devices. With this application you can connect with other people around the world. You have the option to see who is close to you, as well as contact them and possibly, make new friends or find the man of your dreams, but more than that, it is an application with which you can contact the people you meet when you go to school, to work, back home, when you are in a bar or party sales.

With the use of this app, you will be able to find out who you like, as well as the possibility that you can contact that person who has called your attention. In reality it is an application of which you will be able to get much benefit. As soon as you use it you will realize that it is very simple to use, its interface is very intuitive and with a nice design.


Badoo iOSBadoo Android



OkCupid Dating is the application par excellence to find online hookups. It has an algorithm that will make it possible to find your partner in a short time. It also turns out that all this service is free, that is why it has positioned itself as one of the best applications in hookups.

In OkCupid Dating you can connect with people from your city, see photos and details of those people, send and receive free messages without limits, you also have the possibility to know which people you have liked, make searches with advanced filters and know if they read the messages that you send. You can maintain your privacy by choosing a username.

OKCupid iOSOkcupid Android



Boompi is a new app to hookup. With this app, women have the upper hand. The girls can add each other to share the boys with whom they are chatting. And yes, this functionality is only for girls.

Another detail of this app is that it has a “Friends” section in which, in addition to private chats, groups of chats can be created.

Boompi Android



The operation of this app to hookups is not oriented exclusively to meet people, but to offer places to meet people.

Gravy displays on a map based on your location different places or events that you can attend 

Something interesting about this app is that you can put your mood and it shows you events that only match your mood, for example if you’re in a good mood, it can offer a party. It is an app to meet girls and guys. It is quite useful because you can meet people in person and not only through the app.

This app is unbeatable to make friends from all over the world.

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