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  • Popularity 84% 84%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Safety 89% 89%
  • Value for money 84% 84%

Overall Rating

Insta Bang is a really exciting hookup site, it assures you, that you will find genuine members, by providing you verified profiles. Surely, you have to pay some money to be able to contact these super-hot people, who are popping up on your screen, but it will be worth it, if you land even a single naughty date.

Once you are in, that too with a membership, will ask to buy some more credits. Though, you do not need to buy credits, to message someone, or have a video chat with someone. But you have to pay to market yourself.

By using features like, Featured profile, and Daily spotlight, you can climb up to the first place, on some other member’s homepage, and if you are really that attractive, who knows, you might be banging three different people, on the same bed, at three different times.

We evaluated this site, on the basis of various factors, such as the ease of getting in, the various features this hookup site provides you, and how effectively you can use these features to get your dream naughty sex date.

We also considered, how easily you can access these features, to connect to other members of the site, that too anonymously.

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Insta Bang Review also known as “Instagram of hookup sites”, is surely an exciting place to be, if not the best, to find young and desperate sex seekers, it provides you a plethora of features to explore and get your next naughty date, with someone really hot.

We evaluated this website on the basis of the below criteria:


The registration process of is pretty simple and quick to complete. They will ask you about your gender, man, woman, or a couple. Similarly, what are you looking for, such as man, woman, or a couple?

Enter your zip code and city, to help them locate you better, and help you in meeting people near your place. Also, they will ask for your age for more efficient matchmaking.

Finally, your email address, with a good and strong password, they will verify your email ID after sending you a verification email. Once verified, you can enjoy many features available to free members (restricted to just view content), before switching to a paid membership.


Once you get into this site, it will overwhelm you with many features to explore and admire, but if you want to connect to anyone, you have to pay for a premium membership subscription. will tease you, with its screen full of hot, nude, and lonely males and females, it will spark your urges to pay, and message those members. Once you have paid, you can have fun in many ways on this site, before you actually get a naughty date on it.

One annoying point is the credit system, after you have paid you can easily message anyone on the site, but to try other features such as priority messaging, Featured profile, access to premium content. etc. You need to buy credits.

You can buy these credits on the site, in exchange for real dollars, and continue your pursuit of a sexy, steamy, and cuddling night with someone.

Also, when you will get into the site, they will inquire about your mood, are you in a mood to just do some flirt, or meet a person, or you are looking for serious relationship, or you just want sex and a lot of sex.

You can also view some live and erotic videos, by entering into a video chat room, which holds 74 members at a time, and if someone is looking interesting or arousing, click on their icon, and now you are free to do whatever you want, with your hands for now.  gives you a chance to directly let people know that you are interested, without even messaging them. By offering you to play a simple hot or not game, it will show you 50 profiles at a time, and if you vote any one of them as hot, they will notify that person. Instabang people are so angels. It is more like a tinder super like, I hope you have used Tinder.

It also provides you with an effective search feature, and you can filter the results using many criteria such as Most popular, New faces, who viewed my profile, online, current mood, etc. makes sure you have plenty on your plate, to keep you engaged and dreaming.

The trending now features will help you find, trending photos, videos, profiles, and other premium content. You can also upload your content and try to make it trending by paying some credits.

The Live cam option will let you sneak into someone’s live video, full of sexy bodies, big titties, round asses, and desperate cocks.

Ease of Use

The user interface is quiet standard just like other hookup and casual encounter site, it will keep you engaged in nudity, and will give you every reason to pay and buy a membership subscription.
They also provide you a 24/7 support team, who is not only there to help you, but also keep an eye on the activities of suspicious accounts, and close them it they are fake.


The fact that there are very less fake profiles on the Instabang, makes sure you meet with genuine people. With features like featured profile, Daily spotlight, etc. It also helps you to market yourself and reach other members.

If you are ready to pay some money, then Instabang will provide you everything you need, to grab those curves, which you are seeing on the screen.

Their focus is to get genuine people on their site and let them have fun and explore other members, through a variety of exciting features, they have in their arsenal.

Anonymity is really committed to giving you a safe, secured and most importantly controlled experience on their site. If you find anything bad, you can easily report it to their customer support team to get it resolved.

If you don’t like too much of nudity, switch to safe mode, and enjoy a filtered content from Instabang, free of nudity and objectionable content.

Or you can keep yourself, anonymous by hiding your profile picture from unknown site members, and allow only a few of the lucky chaps to admire you and stalk you.


Insta Bang is a nice hookup and casual encounters site, it will make sure you get your real naughty date, by providing you verified accounts, and also provide you an option to attracts others attention, if you are willing to pay more money.

Though its credit system can irritate you a bit, but if you are willing to pay some money to buy some credits, it will give you more than enough opportunities to reach other members by showcasing yourself. Now, rest depends on you.

Go out there and grab each hot babe or stud you can before you settle for a one, love of your life. Who knows? You might get it from