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What is listcrawler?

When the personals section on Craigslist died, there were many users out there were curious about the craigslist personals alternatives like Listcrawler because it came up as the best alternate to it.

Listcrawlers, also called listcrawler alligator, is referred by the users as a decent platform to get involved in to sexual encounters easily and conveniently. With more than 21 Million unique visitors every month, the site becomes the largest escort platform globally after Backpage and Craigslist Personals gone. Due to which people started exploring this site a lot. Obviously it is a platform for escorting, if you are one of those who are in need of an escort or want to become one, in both cases you can use this platform because there are various options in it concerned with the escorting.

If you are one of those people who are in to casual encounters, or too busy to date someone online the best option for you is to go for escorts and we see it as an only solution. You might be done by swiping for hours on Bumble and Tinder for hours and still cannot find a perfect match then you should not wait and try the site listcrawler. Sometimes even if you find a match, you have to go through long conversation to reach to a point that you want to hangout. In many conversations, there is no result as you want and you keep on thinking about giving up on your sex life. This gets frustrating to a point that the only solution left is to look for escorts.

On any dating site, even if you do not want to you will have to spend a lot of time to convince someone you desire to fuck because it is the format of all the dating sites. You have to go through a lot of long conversation, this is the reason why sites like listcrawlers exist because escorting is a need of time. It is something where you do not have to put time and efforts. Especially for people who have full time jobs, hiring an escort is the best option.

The signup process?

The link of ListCrawer was registered under .eu which is a European Union domain. However, we noticed that 87% of the traffics are from America.

As soon as you enter the URL of into the browser that you use, the site will automatically takes you to your location section of the site, if you are looking for any other area, you would have to check that afterwards. The URL changes as soon as you are directed to the page, you do not have to worry about it or feel strange because it is pretty normal for this site. After that you will be asked to confirm your age, you are supposed to be at least 21 years old or above to use this site. It is one of the differences from other sites because mostly the age limit is 18 years old. You have to make sure that you are an adult. Once you are done doing that, you will be directed to the homepage where you will notice that everything is designed and is in place.

You don’t need to register any account if you are only looking for local escorts contact information , but you have to get an account if you want to review the provider through It’s very simple to register, you only input your Rougue Name then you are good to go.

Is listcrawler legit?

As far as its legitimacy is concerned, we have mentioned already that the first thing we noticed was that there were profile from 2018 and that was a little turn off honestly but we would still say that it does not put a question mark on its legitimacy because we have notice that this site is perfect for the people who are using it from North America. Various other cities do have profiles on it and people are using it all around the globe, but the list of escorts are more from North America. Top city searches on listcrawer are:

listcrawler chicago (50k per month)

listcrawler houston (41k per month)

listcrawler tampa (40k per month)

listcrawler los angeles (38k per month)

listcrawler memphis (33k per month)

listcrawler detroit (27k per month)

listcrawler atlanta (22k per month)

listcrawler dallas (21k per month)

listcrawler edmonton (19k per month)

listcrawler sacramento (17k per month)

When we say that most of the escorts were from North America we are not just referring to United States but we are also talking about other places such as Montreal and Quebec. In case you are travelling to other places such as San Francisco or Miami then we would recommend you this site because a lot of escorting fun is waiting for you right there. According to its users, the website works the best for them, which means that it is a legit site which is providing you the best escorting services out there.

Are the profiles real on the site?

As soon as you enter their website, you will notice that they mention themselves as “classified aggregator”. You will see this stated on their site and this indicates that it is a platform where all the ads related to escorts are presented. They have all of the escort ads at one platform for your ease that you can choose from various options and get the best for yourself. Before putting your faith in to any website or platform, you need to make sure that everything they are providing is legit or not.

As far as the profiles on the platform are concerned, as we have mentioned that it is a platform for ads related to escorts and any of such website hardly takes responsibility of what you are getting out of the ad. The listcrawler or nay other website where escort ads are presented, they do not assume or take any responsibility regarding the outcomes of the ads on the site. 

All the ads that are shown on their website, are all they do is crawl into all the other sites, gathers all the ads and posts regarding the escorts and assemble them on their site. The ads being fake or not are left for the users to determine. It is your responsibility to check that the ads presented there are of your concern or not. You can easily determine the fake ones. These ads can have anyone who is a scam, spam or John baiters etc. You have to check it yourself that what are you getting in to. In terms of setting yourself up, make sure beforehand that you are not getting yourself in to any trouble.

Is listcrawler full of scammers?

There are some terms and conditions mentioned on the site of listcrawlers, and that reveals that you should read all the terms carefully first and then rely on the ads given. In the terms and conditions of the site it is explicitly mentioned that they are not responsible for what you are getting in to.

There can be scams and you have to just risk it sometimes. But, if you have prior experience of using these escorting sites you will better know how you can make sure that you are getting in to trouble. As we all are aware of the fact that prostitution is not legal in United States, so you need to be careful beforehand.

How to post on listcrawler?

If you are an escort and want to post an ad regarding yourself then you have to mention your description which includes what are you r services and basic information that helps the users to contact you. It is easy to post an ad on listcrawler.

Is it easy to find escorts on listcrawler?

Listcrawler is like any other site where you can find the list of escort ads, all the listing available there is for the users of the service to just browse and decide for themselves. All you have to do is get attracted to an ad and decide who deems fit to you. The ads on the site are posted there by the escorts themselves and hey maintain it too. In these ads they give you all the required information that can result in a positive outcome for both the parties. They give their essential details that you can easily contact them.

You need to keep it in your mind that any of these ads are not the responsibility of the site. There are no data-driven or smart filters present that can help you with escorting on listcrawler. On the site the ads of the escorts are categorized by their locations. Which means all you are required to do is that determine and indicate a location, which is preferable for you. It depends on your preference that from which location you want to find the girls or other escorts. As soon as you identify a location, this site will show you all the possible ads regarding that location. You can peek into the profiles to check what information is available and how suitable it is for you. First appearance can also make you judge a lot about the escorts. The information on the given profiles at listcrawlers is enough for you to make up your mind and try to contact the person behind the ad you are interested in.

As far as the point is concerned that whether it is an easy process to find an escort on listcrawler or not? We would say that as soon as you open the site listcrawler you will see many ads in front of you and you can straight away check the profiles. It only depends on you that how you would like to choose an escort, do your proper research before anything. In short it is easy to find the escorts there but evaluating the real and fake ones is upon you.

Who uses sites like

All of us know that fapping is not an option all the time, it sometimes kills your horny vibes and energy. Obviously, no one is stopping you but when there are many other ways to take out the sexual needs then why would not someone go for it. Even if you do not have a sex partner, it is not a problem anymore because these issues are solved by the sites like listcrawlers because of the fact that the escorting services are made possible for you.

On the other hand the people who want to serve as escorts use this site as well. All you need to do is that get involved in a genuine listing because there are many spams and scams that can get you in trouble. You can get a desirable escort there, and anyone who has the desire to hire one can use this website.

Will I get laid using listcrawler?

This can either depend on your luck or the way you choose an ad and end up contacting an escort. You might be aware of the fact that there are many escorts that do not provide you with sexual services and due to that you might have doubts that whether you are getting something out of this site or not. We would say that whoever is appealing you on the site, make contact with them and go for the descriptions and reviews on the profile and if you find a best match you know there is no chance that you won’t get laid.

How can I find cheap escorts on listcrawler?

Out of thousand ads on List Crawer, you can absolutely find a cheap escort and have fun. Just browe the list, check the details of the profile, if you think the price is accecptable then save it. After comparison, there you will be able to find the best one according to your needs, all you need is patience and a little bit time to search for the affordable escort.

Is it safe to use the site?

We would say that the information that you are providing them is nothing which means you are not compromising anything. Just do not tell others your information before you really trust them. We would suggest you should check the terms of use page and read it all out. It is SSL encrypted so you should not be worried about malicious internet forces.

True user’s reviews?

In case you are not aware of the fact, the listcrawler has a section where you can read all the previous comments and reviews about the escorts. This review system is run in a way that previous users who have taken the services of the same escort might have left a review about them, this review system can help you identify that whether you should go for the same escort or not. You will also notice that most of them have these reviews, some of them might not have any reviews but you should choose the ones that have the reviews because it will help you in choosing the right one for you, it helps you in taking a decision.

Is there any listcrawler alternative sites?

If you are still not happy about the experience of listcrawler and every time you get disappointed by the ads that you find over there and are looking for any other alternative sites then we would suggest you the following list crawler alternatives:

You need to understand that every site has its own pros and cons, in some manner every site is unique and has some features that should not be ignored. But still if you are looking for fuck sites because they make the best alternative to the listcrawler. The reason is that if you are one of those people that always have a motive for going to such sites and are not just doing it for fun and actually want an outcome then it means that you are done being horny and need to get the action done.

If you are not into listcrawler by any mean now, then hookup sites are the best option for you because we understand all you care about is having sex and that too by any mean. If that is actually the case then you should try out the alternatives. The people that are using the dating or fuck sites might not necessarily be escorts, who are giving ads for their services but they are registered to mingle with you on these sites. This means that they registered themselves there and they are there either to fuck or to be fucked. Whatever your interest is make the choice and try these casual dating sites.


1. Adult Friend Finder

The first one that we choose as an alternative is Adult Friend Finder, here you can have all the sex you want for the purpose of pleasure. Sex is a tool on these websites and you can make the most out of it

You are not doing it with bad intentions, because everyone on this site is there for the same purpose and you are not going to hurt anyone’s feelings because those are not even involved. There are people on this site with different ides of sec and tastes and you might find a same match as yours and you can enjoy in your bedroom with the sex partner. Adult Friend Finder is allowing you to take your sex monster out and let yourself enjoy because there are other too that are just like you finding ways to make the best out of their sex life. It is really important to find someone who has the same sex taste as yours because that will obviously be worth it. All you need to do is get started, you will find the directions on the site itself.


2. Ashley Madison

It is a little bit different from general or traditional dating sites because it is focusing on cheating hook ups and this site is known to its users as the same. Ashley Madison is branded many of its users and other people as the adultery site. This means that you can do anything here that you always wanted to in life. There are many positive reasons behind this website being in our list such as that this site’s niche is to help the people out in order to find the sex encounters in a casual manner and you can even hookup with married people there is no bar and vice versa.

We are also of the opinion that marriage is a sensitive thing and it is full of emotions and feelings and in order to help you have a safe side, the site helps you out to cover the tracks of the people who are its members. There are many other privacy setting on the site, that are built-in and you do not have to worry about most of the privacy matter. This site is making sure that as a user or member you are not ever caught or find yourself in to a troublesome or awkward situation just because you are a user of the site and trying to live the best out of your life.


3. Local Milf Selfies

You heard that right, even the name indicates whatever the site holds for its users and members. You might be guessing by its name that this site is all about making the hookups with cougars and milfs easy for you. You will be connected to the people who are somewhere near by you, living closest to you. There are many users who talk about the successful hookup stories at the site.

It is not all about chatting or browsing, it’s more than that. As there are many other features that can keep you entertained. Sex request feature is one of its top features that are known to its users and you also have the option of using the video chat while you are into a conversation with a person. The best part about the site is that nudity is not at all prohibited on it and we are also of the same opinion as yours that it is going to be the best alternative to listcrawler.

Final verdict

Our final verdict about the listcrawler site is that it has everything that an escort listing website should have because they are providing what they have promised and that is all the escort listing at one platform. You just have to choose and make a decision for yourself, in case you do not get the expected outcome out of listcrawler we have also mentioned the alternatives to it that are more open and you will realize that there are many options available for you. As an escort or anyone who is looking for an escort should check the listcrawler once and decide it for your own self because giving it a try won’t cost you anything. All you have to do is invest some time in order to enjoy and have fun in life.