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My Transsexual Date Review

In case you are a Trans and you think that there are not enough online Transgender dating sites for the Trans community, then you are wrong because there are some legit websites that are created just for you. Such My Transsexual Date was established by Cyril Mazur along with his partner Maki Gongoyon in the year 2014. Actually it is their second effort of creating a website, before this one, they launched in 2013. This one was for the Trans women because in Asian countries lady boy is a term that is used for Trans women. That was specifically for some locations, as soon as they decided to expand their niche they developed this

There was obviously only one goal behind creating this website and that was welcoming all the trans community out there, where they can find true love and pleasure without any discrimination. Respect and acceptance are the two factors that make the Transgender dating site a best platform for the trans community. Here you will not come across casual flings only, but you might find the love of your life. You are going to be judged there as it is your own community, that accepts you as it and even if someone who is not trans and is there on the website, it means that he or she accepts you admires you as it is that is the reason they are there. It is a safe place for all the trans community.

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MyTranssexualDates Review

How to create an account on MyTranssexualDate?

Signing up on My Transsexual date is one of the easiest and simple task, you have to follow the easy steps in order to complete the procedure. You have the easy option of creating your account with the help of logging in from Facebook. The second option is logging in from email account, it is actually free of cost in case you want to create a profile there. Now you must be thinking that if it is free for transgender only, it is free of cost for both transgender and make and females. You can review your match’s profile without even paying a penny. Whereas the chat system is concerned, the male members of the website will have to pay in order to get the premium membership. This will subscribe them to use the chat system.

Features of MyTransSexualDate

It is not like one of those traditional and typical online Trans Hookup sites, that welcomes each and every one for hookups. This bisexual dating site is developed to respect and appreciate the Trans community, where they are not judged for being what they really are. There are no hard and fast rules there, but one thing is for sure that the people who admire the transgendered women and men are welcomed there.

The traditional dating sites are for libertinage, hook ups and one night stands with transgender whereas the idea of this website is a little different. As it is not a scam, so it is promoting sincere relationship or Bisexual dating with the Trans community. There is no doubt that transgender absolutely have the right to be loved and be in a sincere relationship.

Mytranssexualdate is to indulge the transgender women in to serious Trans Hookup or Trans dating that they know they are worth the love. To appreciate the beauty of Trans community, the make members are allowed that are actually the admirers. This is the reason that they have to pay for the membership, that only the legit ones can contact the Trans community. No scammers or judgmental freaks are welcomed there.

There is a feature of instant messaging system that is specifically designed for communication purposes. This is the system that lets you communicate between the members registered on the website from all around the globe.

This is one of those Bisexual sites that can be accessed on the phones and tablets, it is compatible to be used on IOS and Android systems. One has the facility to access it from anywhere of the world, even when you do not have a laptop or computer in front of you. While travelling, while in an office break no one can stop you from accessing it. The website supports three languages English, Dutch and Espanol.


  • Whenever you are doing a search of finding your match or partner, it is guaranteed that you find a legit one.
  • We are sure about it being a legit website, it is not a scam at all.
  • The website has given an option for the security of member’s profile that keep the information given on the site safe. Whatever you have provided to the website as disclosed information it is kept secure with the website and there is a private option as well.


  • Try to avoid the long distance relationship’
  • The price is only to be paid by make for the subscription purposes, this might make them feel discouraged. As it is free for ladies which is to some extent discriminating. Due to this unpaid subscription for women, the ratio of them would increase as compare to men. The less population of men will trouble in match making.

End Note

We definitely recommend this website for all the people who are looking for some serious relationships. Also, this website is quite easy to use and you can understand it right after you start using it.

As far as Trans men and women are concerned, they are warmly welcomed on this website and they will get good opportunities here. Talking about the best thing about this side, it was very strict in accepting new members, so you will have to take care of this thing if you want to join. Which basically means that there are moderators on the website who reject the bogus profiles after checking them, so you better make a good profile.

You will not be scammed or cat fished, because this website provides the members with the approval or disapproval of the content or pictures they upload. So, with all these plus points you easily can use this astounding website and you definitely will not face any kind of trouble amidst using it.