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OKCupid Review

When it comes to online dating FWB sites, you can find them in thousands which means it is difficult to choose one from all of them. There is no doubt that if you do not find the best one for yourself, it can turn in to a nightmare. You resort for online FWB dating sites because you are trying to avoid the hurdles of dating in person, but imagine you end up in a mess while using the online dating site. Do not get us wrong! We are not discouraging you, the point is what if you have been using a website that is only a scam and is not worth your money?

Let’s talk about OkCupid, which is known as one of the most popular and authentic online dating hookup sites. In case you are still in doubt, you should know that almost 10 million registered users are frequently using the platform. It was created in the year 2004, which means it been around for years now.

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OKCupid Review

How to subscribe to OkCupid

Don’t worry as it is one of the most affordable online dating sites, there is no doubt that most of the online dating sites offer free registration but it is for a limited time. When you are offered a free subscription that comes with the fact that you have limited access in terms of the features. Okcupid is the same as well, but their free subscription has to offer you a lot such as:

  • You have the access to search other people’s profile.
  • Not only that you can search the profile, you also have the facility to view them completely.
  • OkCupid allows you to communicate with the rest of the members. This is one of the feature that is hardly seen on any other dating site. It’s amazing that OkCupid offers a lot in free.

What is there for you in paid subscription?

In case you are wondering that what features do OkCupid offers when you go for the paid version? It is best for you pay when you want to get noticed or want more attention on the forum. The cost ranges from $4.96 to $9.99 for subscription per month. This enhances the experience of dating online, but there is a unique feature offered by OkCupid to its users. This is the feature related to getting attention or making your profile stand out of the crowd. Any member of OkCupid has the chance to use this feature regardless of the fact that you are a paid member or not. All of the members can pay a specific amount in order to get attention on the profile for some time. Keep in mind that this is temporary.

In simple words you can boost your profile by paying a small amount. There are variety of option available in that regard, for instance you have to pay $2 for single boost. There are different packages available from which you can choose. It is claimed by the site that your profile will be prominent to an extent that in few hours you will notice a lot of visits. You might be thinking that many other websites provide the same feature, but here is the difference mostly it for the ones who have subscribed the paid version.

Whenever you will be visiting their site for the purpose of signing up, first thing you would notice is going to be their login page because it is too cute to handle. It colorful and lively, it’s adorable and will make you smile. The login page is welcoming enough to not stress over the signing up procedure. If we talk about their advertising strategies then they have been so innovative recently and will make you obsess. The bright colors, the sense of humor can never be ignored. In their advertisement they also presented the lesbians/gays and heterosexuals, which means that there is no discrimination in terms of genders and the site is open for everyone. Their slogan literally states “Dating deserves better” and no one can agree more because it is the voice of million hearts.

Few other features that prove that OkCupid is a game changer for sure are:

  • OkCupid offers you gender selection, which means that there are 12 identities given in terms of gender. Whereas, 20 sexual orientations are offered in categories. It means that no one is forced to choose from limited options.
  • You can choose the gender and sexual orientation depending upon your choice.
  • It is for everyone, this does not follow a specific niche in terms of gender or sexual orientation. It simply follows one thing which is dating is for everyone. Even the FWB hookups is easily possible here as it can work as a FWB site for you.

Creating a profile on OkCupid:

  • If you think that you have to follow a hectic procedure of signing up, then it’s not true it can actually be fun. You will asked few questions, for instance “Would you prefer to kiss in a tent or in Paris? Now, you have answer these question in a fun way by keeping in your mind that what would you actually prefer or do if it happens in real. You will also be asked some general questions related to your smoking habits, do you drink or not, your preferences in terms of politics or religion and this will go on for a while.
  • When you are done answering these question, you are done with making the profile. Here is another thing to keep in mind that in case you need to be more specific about your preference you can answer the questions that are given in your profile. These would include questions related to relationships and your habits.


If you are convinced enough to register on OkCupid, then there is a swipe next option as well. This means that if you do not like a profile you can easily swipe next and keep on going until you find the perfect match. We hope that this review has helped you in dealing with the online FWB dating site.

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