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One Scene Review is a place for all LGBT personals when you will reach this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, you can feel the authentic vibes of the profiles. They are detailed and a maximum of them contains more than one picture, that too of the same person.

They will show you a list of profiles, who are mainly LGBT, but they are genuine, you can check out if someone is online or not. Also, a good and bad thing is, that you can check out profiles of members, without even signing up in this adult lesbian dating site.

There are many ways to reach people here, and you are totally free to do anything, but only for 14 days, the free membership is offered for 14-days trial period, with full features. Giving you a complete taste of the capabilities of this LGBT community.

With their mobile application, you can easily hunt for some interesting people, on the go. That too is in total control of your data on platform. No one can see your locked albums unless you want them to.

Let us dive inside this kinky adult lesbian dating and hookup site, to find out how can help you fulfill your kinky fantasies, with consistency and ease.

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99Flavors Review Registration and User experience

Once you land on the homepage of this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, you will be shown a ‘start here’ tab. Clicking on it will take you inside their registration process. You can, of course, sign up using your email address, which will be verified later.

Also, you can use your Facebook account to register in this adult lesbian dating site, Rest assured, there will be no posts from on your Facebook wall.  By linking your Facebook account, you can cut down the hustle of registration.

They will ask you to upload your profile picture, before asking you anything. Your profile picture is your first weapon, which will attract people the most, choose a nice one. But, avoid revealing everything.

Once you are done with uploading the profile picture, the rest of the registration process is very swift to complete. They provide you a versatile list of suggestions to choose from, making it very easy for you to express your interests, your physical profile, your hobbies, etc.

They verify your account on by sending you a verification code, which you have to manually enter, making sure only genuine people get through. Features

Facebook Login

 You can use your Facebook account to sign up in this adult lesbian dating and lesbian site. won’t post anything on your Facebook wall, on your behalf, ever. Using your Facebook account will help you avoid the email verification process.

Instant Messages

You can also send instant messages to anyone on They have a very unique and enthusiastic LGBT community, full of people with kinky Gay desires. You have to be a paid member of, to be able to message other people in their community.

Detailed Profiles

The profiles on can be thoroughly detailed and informative, if you want it to be, of course. You can tell a lot about yourself, such as your occupation, income, faith, family statistics, education level, sexual preferences, diet preferences, etc. You can express a lot about yourself and know a lot about others on this adult lesbian dating and hookup site,


You can tell people, that you are interested in them and want to start a conversation. You can send pokes, winks, and smileys, and waves to people, you find interesting. These ice breakers will attract their attention to you, and rest will be decided on the basis of your profile. If it’s nice, then you never know. You might get laid the same night you arrive on, possibilities are endless.


One of the standard features, throughout the adult dating industry, is the favorite list, you can easily add people you find interesting on They could be either your frequent fuck friends or someone hot but far. You can do anything you want; rules are simple here.

OneScene Mobile App also has its mobile app for both Android and iOS users. Through their large pool of open-minded LGBT personals, across the globe and their fast and effective mobile and desktop application, you can make sure that you are always connected to your favorite gay friends.


  • Large LGBT community across the globe, representing versatile sexual preferences, such as gay, straight, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, etc.
  • Detailed profiles enabling users to express a lot about themselves and know more about others.


  • Free membership is limited to 14 days only, after that, you either have to say bye-bye, or have to become a member of the one scene community.
  • Too many advertisements are flashing all the time, which is annoying sometimes.

Is One Scene Safe?

The safety and anonymity of one scene community are the most important KPIs measures to provide unmatched services to their community people. As a user, you will be rewarded with lots of power to keep your information secured and hidden to those, you don’t want to entertain.

You can be anonymous and discreet in your LGBT pursuit, which is the best way to be on such adult lesbian dating and hookup site. Avoid revealing things too early, or too late. It is an uncertain world; common sense is requested. Conclusion

If you are excited d to reveal your LGBT sexual preferences, but you are apprehensive about people’s reactions? Don’t waste a single minute and register in today. They have lots of people on board, and with their elaborated and genuine profiles, you can express a lot about yourself.

Also, detailed profiles help you filter out the fake ones, the only true thing about fake entities is, that they are not complete. More amount of information, these adult lesbian dating sites have about you, more accurately they can suggest your compatible people, and enrich their search feature with a greater number of filters to narrow down your search.

People are doing crazy things every day on this lesbian hookup site, What are you waiting for?