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Pink Sofa Review is one of the premium adult lesbian dating and hookup sites, it has a huge membership base of lesbian singles, who are looking to spice up their sex life with interesting and hot lesbians.

It is always great to have nice people around you, in fact, you should have only genuine people in your life, people who are willing to be happy in your happiness and sad in your sorrow. provides you enough opportunities to find such genuine and interesting people near you, all the time.

For all those women, craving for other women, or bisexual, irrespective of their true intentions, facilitate their community members to land the best person in their life. They give you lots of people to connect to, exciting features to start a conversation, rest you have to do. Love consultation is still not present in the adult dating industry.

Let us look into this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, and find out how is different from everybody else in the adult lesbian dating industry. 

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Pink Sofa Registration and User experience

To register in this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, you can go with multiple options, you can, of course, use your email to login, but you can also connect your Facebook account to sign-up in

They ask many questions; they want to know a lot about you. Though there are not many mandatory fields, and you can create a profile with basic information too, you must utilize this opportunity, and create a nice and strong profile.

Pink sofa claims to cater to lesbians and bisexuals above 30 years, but you can also sign-up on this adult lesbian dating and hookup site if you are above 18 years. You can also share your professional details, including your occupation and income, but refrain from exposing your identity.

Once you are done with the registration process, you have to wait to get your profile approved, by support team. It generally takes 12 hours, gives or take. Until your profile is pending for approval, you can browse around on this adult lesbian dating site, but you cannot connect to other people.

Pink Sofa Features

Forums has many versatile forums, enjoying a large number of people, interacting together on various issues. Their forums are a great place to raise your voice and get noticed. You can also identify lesbians who hold views just like you.


You can also look at their classified listings, which also contains a list of accommodations. Imagine a life in with a beautiful and perfect girl just like you, that too in a city, you recently shifted. You will surely land into her arms. *Good life.


In case you find someone really hot and charming, you can surely check them out anytime you want, by adding them into your favorite list. It could contain profiles of people, you daily meet and fuck, also you can include people, who you find appealing to see, but can’t meet.

Instant Messaging

You can contact almost anyone on this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, through emails and instant messages, if you are a paid member, of course. Free members can send smiles to other people, as long as you are a free member, your interaction will be limited to smiles only. You can check out profiles and profile pictures, irrespective of your membership status. Safety keeps the safety and anonymity of its community very seriously. They clearly laid out guidelines, regarding the usage of customer’s data, on their adult lesbian dating and hookup site.

This means, that you will have total control over the information usage, and the moment you decide that you won’t stop your search on, your information is deleted after waiting for you, for a month.

There are many adult dating websites, who continue showing profiles of people, who are long gone from their platform, but with, user information privacy is of utmost importance. Hence, if you go, your information follows.

Also, it is very important to be anonymous on such adult lesbian dating sites, you never know, who all are on this lesbian hookup site. There could be your acquaintances, who are looking for some fun, just like you. In such cases, the only thing which matters is who gets caught first.

Stay safe and practice caution, while revealing things about you to people you don’t know properly. Your credentials might be very impressive, your identity might be very attractive, but don’t reveal anything unless you are sure, that opposite person is trustworthy.

Your anonymity is always in your hands, while you are interacting with the pink sofa community, for all other things related to your safety, you can rely on the expertise of Conclusion

We would definitely recommend you This adult lesbian dating and hookup site contain a lot of lesbian singles, who are eagerly looking to have some fun in life. Also, there are women who are looking for serious relationships on

Pink sofa community is full of open-minded lesbians, who are looking for a variety of things and kinks, with some interesting lesbians like you. By the fact, that you are reading this review, I am assuming you are interested in lesbian encounters.

You can expect genuine profiles on this adult lesbian dating and hookup site, they have a very stringent profile approval process, through which they make sure only genuine lesbian seekers are there on their platform.

Detailed profiles, not only makes it easy to find nice people around, using their search engine, but it also helps you in expressing your true self in front of the pink sofa community. There are so many women to connect to around your place, that too with effective and insightful features.

If you want to fill your life with lots of lesbian encounters, including kinky lesbian desires and long-term love relationships, whatever you want has it for you.