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POF Review

In case you ae looking for an online FWB site that offers plenty of free features, then you should be considering The previous name of the website was Plenty of Fish and it is known by the masses. If you have not heard of the website then you are missing it because it offers you a lot of free stuff. The website was founded back in the year 2003, and is known as one of the largest community of online dating with over 90 million users that are registered from all around the globe. The daily logins are around 3.6 million, and around 10 million conversations take place on daily basis. The site claims to be responsible of matchmaking of millions of people every year. is a matchmaker site and an online dating site, where you have the option of browsing for free and search all the members out here. You can make the search according to your criteria, there are few features that are best for matchmaking on such as “Ultra Match”, and this allows you to make a match with top 50 most compatible members on the site. FWB hookups are possible there, but keep in mind that the site does not appreciate any nude content.

The reason why we are suggesting is that it has combined all the traditional and advanced features that are available on the other sites. For instance you have the opportunity to search for your compatible match by using filters such as location. Scrolling and exploring the profiles and looking at their pictures, you can give an indication by ticking or crossing. You also have the option of receiving match suggestion on the daily basis.

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POF Review

The structure of the members on

  • Every member has to create a profile of their own by completing the registration on the site, each one of them has to go through the personality tests and fill out the essential in order to register.
  • The highest percentage of members consists of young member or young adults.
  • Male members are dominating the females one with twenty percent.
  • Members are supposed to mention on their profiles that what they are looking for on the website. This allows them to match with the perfect one.

Most of its members are from the USA, which means that most of the POF logins are done from there. The posts on the forums prove that there are many active members because you will notice that members respond there quickly. Not only fishy, but plenty of sensible topic are there to start conversations and keep the members engaged. The posts on the forums are related to relationship advices, tips on love making, non-dating issues for instance music, gaming or movies. This means that this online dating site might find you a friend as well.

There is a feature known as “POF Chemistry Predicator”, which tests the compatibility of the members in order to make the match. This test includes measuring the self-confidence, orientation of the family, social control etc. The data is extracted from the personality test that you have to go through in the very start when you are registering for the website.


How to make contact with other members on POF?

  • Ever member has the option of sending and receiving the messages from other members, free of any cost applied.
  • You should be checking the “priority messages” in order to put your message on the top of the list.
  • There is an option of replying with a voice message, in case you are in a hurry or you want to explain it better.
  • Copy pasting is not allowed on POF, you always have to type whatever you want to express.

Some features of

It is really easy to send a message ad start a conversation, just like normal text message. You start typing and once the message is sent, it depends on the other person that whether they want to reply or not. There is no bar on the communication, it is unlimited even you are using a free membership on

It is a cool feature that you can send voice notes by using your mobile’s microphone. This is not usual because in traditional online dating you do not get to hear other person’s voice until you are comfortable enough to start a video or voice call.

The female members have the opportunity to send exclusive private messages to other users. Male members seem not to use this feature due to nudity, it was banned which is a good step in order to make a platform more credible.

If you did not know this feature, let us tell you that POF blocks and messages that contain any sort of inappropriate content for instance the spam links, abuse, offensive language, nude images, solicitations. If you are sending a copy pasted message, you will not be allowed to do so in order to prevent spam.

List of Pros of

  • Most of the features are free to use.
  • There is a mobile application as well.
  • Huge number of registered members.
  • The search features are advanced.

List of cons of

  • The site follows a very basic algorithm in order to make the match.
  • There is no verification or authentication process as such, no ID confirmation as well.
  • There are no chatrooms.
  • Users can not enjoy the video calling feature, but there is an option of sending a voice note to other members.


In case you have any queries regarding this website, you should leave your concerns in the comment section below. In case you are looking for friends with benefits can be an option because it can find you a match. Although it does not follow the niche of FWB sites but still there is a chance that you can find friends with benefits in your match suggestion list. Giving is site a try is not a bad idea because it is free to use and there are millions of people out there, all you have to do is save yourself from scams.