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Seeking Arrangement Review

You might have heard about Seeking Arrangement website, as it is really famous among young men and women. If you have not, but you are still looking for the sugar daddy websites on which you can meet your sugar daddy mommy then keep on reading. Basically, the creator of this dating site is Brandon Wade and he created this website few years back in 2006. In order to let the young people find their sugar daddies and mommies with ease. Now, you might be aware of this concept in which when you find a sugar daddy or mommy, they will be providing you with the financial help and monetary value in return of your services of companionship or maybe for long-term relationships.

One can say that it is a good bargain, as it is full filling the pleasure needs and along with that you will be well off financially.

This website is basically redefining the idea of having a perfect relationship by using online arrangement site as a medium. It is a safe haven for the youngsters who are looking for paid opportunities and obviously pleasure comes along. Seeking Arrangement is providing you a platform where you can sign up and make the suitable arrangements for yourself. You need to be up for taking care of someone in order to be successful on this website. You are basically logging in on this website because you are going to date someone who is going to provide you finance. Seeking Arrangement got you covered.

Now, we have to look into the facts about this website, as it delivers what it claims or not? Along with that, is it good for legit matches or not? Let’s get in to the details about Seeking Arrangement as it is worth your money or not.

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Seeking Arrangement Review

Structure of the members on the site

There are almost 2,500,000 members from the USA, if we talk about the active members on the weekly basis then they are around 10,000. There are people belonging from different sexual orientations and you have the opportunity to find a sugar daddy or mommy. It is claimed that the site gets visits in million on weekly basis which means that there is a bright chance that you can find the best match. Seeking Arrangement is a hookup site that is targeting the users who are interested in finding sugar daddies and mommies. It is not a traditional hookup dating site, its concept is different. It is dealing with one specific niche, the environment is safe and is encouraging the job with pleasure

How to sign up on the site?

  • You are supposed to fill out the form given for the registration, it will be asking you for your personal information.
  • If you think that it is going to be tiring, then it’s not as it takes around 5-10 minutes to complete the process of registration.
  • We can say that the procedure of registration is lengthy but is totally user-friendly.
  • As soon you are done with the registration, you will immediately get the match results.
  • You will have the option of signing up as a sugar daddy/ mommy or a sugar baby.

You will get the idea of Seeking Arrangement, while you are going through the sign up process. Now, there will be few questions that will be asked from you such as you are looking for a sugar baby or sugar daddy/mommy. You will also be asked if you are looking for a sugar daddy or mommy then how much you expect them to spend on you. In case you are looking for a sugar baby, then you will be asked about your budget.


How are you going to make contacts?


  • Now it is obvious that the site will be providing you with suggestion, recommendation and will guide you towards the matching process. The match suggestion will help you in finding you true match.
  • Apart from the suggestions, there is a search tool which is absolutely free which can be used for the purpose of accessing the members who have public profiles on the website.
  • Now, there is also an option to arrange the results of the search, in order to show you the members who are online or who were recently online. You can choose to show those members first.
  • You also have the facility of saving the searched options for later use.
  • There is a facility of using the chat-room in which you can contact people straight away.
  • Sending messages on this website, to other members is free for all of the members that have signed up on the site.
  • You can favorite other users, this will show that you are interested in them


Pros of Seeking Arrangement


  • So the men have the option of creating a profile for free and then sending at least ten messages for free.
  • Search tool make it easy for you to filter your search.
  • It is absolutely free for women.
  • If you are a man, and you have a paid membership then it is easy for you to find the best for yourself as there is less competition


Cons of Seeking Arrangement

  • You can come across scammers and fake profiles or prostitutes.
  • The website does not guarantee for someone’s inner beauty, politeness etc. and once you get in to direct contact with your sugar daddy or mommy you have to be careful on your own.


End note

The reason of recommending this site is that you are getting financial help for your services, some people might tell you that you are an escort, but if you seek pleasure with your sugar daddy or sugar mommy then there is no harm in using this site and finding a perfect match. Finding a sugar baby, day or mommy is not easy and this platform is not a scam due to which it is recommended that if you are sugar daddy looking for any sugar baby, daddy or mommy you should give this website a try because it is absolutely worth your money and time.