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Top 3 Reasons to Connect with a Curvy Woman

by Sep 30, 20190 comments

Women come in all shapes and sizes: some are petite, slender others have lush bodies that would make an impressionist come running paint brush in hand. Nothing against those whose preferences run towards smaller women, but if you are turning up your nose at a BBW (big beautiful woman) just because you are worried about what your friends might say then stop. Contrary to what the media may have us believe, there is nothing wrong or unusual about wanting to be with a grown woman that has the curves of a grown woman. Too often we are only shown petite and slender women as objects of desire and are presented larger women as people to be pitied. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to dating larger women and don’t think that they’re just more likely to be “grateful” for your attention. In my experience, curvy women are just as confident and self-assured as their smaller compatriots. They’re used to being independent and not only do they know they don’t need to rely on you for all their needs but chances are they don’t want to. Here are the top 3 reasons you should be dating a BBW:

Reason #1: Curvy women have the boobs and ass that dreams are made of

Curvy women are built like real women. If you like a woman with generous assets then BBW is the way to go. A lot of us are not interested in recent fads of women who are flat all over.  I want my women to look like adults, not prepubescent children. Thankfully, we have started to swing back towards women with realistic bodies in media and advertising. If you want a woman who looks like a lush Rubens painting then curvy women are the way to go. The fact of the matter is that the women with all of their fat deposits situated solely upon their pectorals do not exist outside of pornography. To be frank, it is highly unlikely that those women came by their assets naturally either. Real women are curvy all over. When you date a curvy woman you never have to wonder if their boobs will grow or stay the same when they gain weight, you already know exactly where their weight sits, because you can already see it.

Reason #2: You don’t have to worry about breaking them when things start getting physical

When you hook up with a smaller woman it can be exciting to be able to throw her around in the bedroom but it’s also a little nerve-wracking worrying that you’re just one wrong thrust away from accidentally causing a serious injury. You really don’t have to worry about this with curvy women. Not only do they have lots of pliant handles to grab onto but you don’t have to worry that they can’t hold their own in bed. If you are able to engage a curvy woman physically in bed all the better. If she isn’t used to being picked up or tossed around (with consent of course) it can be very exciting for a curvy woman to be with a man that she feels is able to handle a woman of her generous gifts. Furthermore, just because a woman is larger does not mean that she can’t be athletic and engaged in bed.  Curvy women are not as used to being blindly pursued by men gasping just for a glimpse into their boudoir. They are not interested in a relationship where all they do is take.  When a curvy woman does enter into a sexual relationship they expect equality and they do so enthusiastically, with a mind to both give and receive pleasure. If you connect with a big beautiful woman you know you won’t be the only one putting in the work, but that it will be a mutually beneficial experience.

Reason #3: She’ll never ask you if you will still be attracted to her if she gets fat

Personally, this is the biggest plus side to dating big beautiful women. Curvy women have to be pretty confident in themselves, otherwise they would crumble under the pressure society puts on them to be skinny. Chances are she’s already made peace with the size that she is and knows that you wouldn’t be sniffing around if you didn’t like it as well. Because of this, she is not going to be asking you every time she sees a beautiful skinny woman on TV if you would stay with her in the event that she gains a few pounds. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter and not only does she know that but she knows that you know that.

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