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Transgender Date Review

As far as the transgender dating is concerned, you might be confused with the online Bisexual dating sites. There are minimum dating sites that are specifically dealing with the niche of transgender dating. One of them is TransGenderDate which is an online Transgender dating site which is providing an exclusive platform for Transgender dating.

The purpose of this platform is to provide an exclusive Trans hookup platform for the transgender who are looking for safety and security while they are looking someone for pleasure. Having pleasure in life is the right of anybody belonging to any sexual orientation, the trans people have the opportunity of signing up on TransGenderDate and carry on with connecting, mingling, sharing ideas and relationship with their community. It is created to support the transgender community, as it was difficult for them to find someone on the traditional Bisexual dating sites.

The majority of traditional dating Bisexual sites fail to provide a safe environment for the transgender community, due to which Transgender Date came up with this idea of catering the Trans community only. Not only that it totally supports the LGBTQ+, it is a platform that is representing them all.

Apart from that, this Bisexual site is supporting the idea of inclusivity of all the genders and sexual orientations. Yes, you heard that right it also includes the straight people. The reason is that there are many straight people out there that are interested in Trans Hookup or dating the transgender but they hardly get any opportunity or chance.

In order to check that whether this site is actually what it is claiming to be, or it is just like any site that is working on scammers and bots? You need to keep on reading to get a fair idea about this website.

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About the members of Transgender Date

If you are concerned about the legit and registered members, then there are around 110,000 members on this Bisexual site. As far as the verified and legit accounts are concerned, 90% of them are the verified accounts. In case you think that how many people visit this website, because it increases your chance of finding a perfect match then around 7 million page views are notice monthly.

TransGenderDate said to be one of the leading Transgender dating platforms for the Trans community, the members of the website are connecting which each other due to which you are not supposed to be worried about getting a response. Mostly people claim that you will get a reply in an hour

How you can sign up on Transgender Date

  • It is really easy to sign up on the website, as it’s user-friendly and easy.
  • He registration process will only take around one minute, it is not complicated at all.
  • There is no need to go through the procedure of verifying the e-mail, unlike other websites that make you follow this step.
  • Three is no necessity to log in from your Facebook account, in case you do not want this website to get the profile picture and information from there.
  • There is another thing that you should keep in mind that once you choose the username it cannot be changed afterwards.

Signing up of Transgender Date

Signing up on the website is comparatively easy and quick, you do not have to go through the complicated procedures. Creating an account is a straight forward procedure on the website, as we have mentioned above that there is no need of Facebook login, because the website has another way to verifying you as a member. You will be asked some general question in order to create your profile such as your choice in terms on gender. What do you prefer a genetic man, woman, Trans woman, androgynous, Trans man, intersexes male/female etc.

You have to fill out few things, like your preferences, your username as we have mentioned it cannot be changed afterwards and then comes the zip code and email address. After providing these information’s you have to click on the register button and you are done with creating your account.

Verification process on

Now, you might be thinking that if they do not need your Facebook or mail how do they verify you? This is the best feature of Transgender Date is that in case you are a Trans you can verify yourself on the site for free. The procedure of verification can take at least 24 hours, but it is free. Yu have to follow few steps to verify yourself, first of all you have to take a photo of yourself in which you must be holding the sign. That sign is a unique code that is been provided to you by the website itself. When you click the verify button, you will get to see that unique code. You should not be worried as this photo is not going to be showed to anyone, it will be deleted, as soon as you get the approval.

This is the best thing about this website, in order to make it safe and secure for all the Trans community this whole procedure is followed. Due to this verification the website get to know who you actually are, this makes them exclude the scammers. The website even takes care of bullying and abusive behavior that you might not see on any other Transgender dating site.

As soon as you are done with the verification, now you have the facility of accessing all the features that the website has to offer. You can join the chat rooms, instant messengers and have unlimited conversations. You can easily add up people as your friends and also have the option of sending an email. You can also check if the other person has read the email or not.

End note

We do recommend this website, as we are sure that it is not a scam one. It is a great opportunity for the Trans community to enjoy a safe and secure platform where bullying and scammers are discourages. We loved their verification process because you will at least know that you are interacting with verified Trans people that are not scammers.