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  • Safety 80% 80%
  • Value for money 82% 82%

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TS Mingle Review

It does not matter that you are looking for a date, one night stand or a relationship, TS Mingle has got you covered in case you are a Trans single out there. If you are a Trans and are looking for a platform where you have various options to choose from, then TS Mingle is the one. It is not like those traditional online transgender dating sites that are covering everything. The niche of TS Mingle is to provide a Trans hookup platform to Trans specifically.

If you are worried about the payments and hidden charges, then according to the claims of this website it does not have any sort of hidden charges to trouble you. There are no gimmicks or scams unlike other traditional transgender dating site. The members on the website will be mostly from the Trans community that are for sure supporting towards each other so there are less chances of scammers. As Trans it is difficult to find your perfect match in real life, if you are one shy and awkward Trans then you should try your luck in the world of internet. TS Mingle is open for the Trans and is absolutely free for them, it also welcomes the admirers of Trans people.

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TS Mingle Review

There are different categories that are available on TS Mingle, such as transgender, transsexuals, cross dressers and many other. While you are signing up on the website, you will have to identify yourself as one of there. The categories are given over there you are just supposed to choose one, as we have  already mentioned that if you are a person who admires the Trans people and want to date one can also join the platform.

Cost of TS Mingle

Now, it is for the people who admire the Trans community and would love to date one. It is difficult to find one in real life, as it is still not acceptable by the society to some extent. If you are on a budget and want to find yourself a Trans single, then TS Mingle is great help. As the sole purpose of this website is to provide a safe platform to transgender dating online. If we talk about the best feature of this website then it would be that it is completely free, it is one of the unique features that is making this site different from others. You have the facility of signing up for free and then you are not supposed to subscribe to any plan of membership. All you have to do is join, once you are done joining it you will have the facility of accessing all of the provided features. You do not have to worry about the costs, as you do not have to face any hidden charges. You can become a member for free.

Features of TS Mingle

  • There are more than 10,000 members on the website, if you think that the members are less you should keep in mind that these are legit members. It is also claimed that the TS Mingle is one of those sites that has the most valid members. It is a premier transgender dating site online, due to which you will be seeing that a lot of visitors visit the site normally and the number of members will not stop increasing.
  • It is absolutely free, one can say that it is 100 percent free of cost. It is also claimed that there are no hidden charges and you will not be facing nay gimmicks. You do not have to worry about the money as there is no need of having a credit card even to enjoy the features on the website.
  • Chat, sending messaging, having fun is possible on this website. The premiere transgender dating site is giving you a chance that you can meet and date Trans singles from all around the globe.


How to use TS Mingle easily 

There is no doubt that TS Mingle is easy in use, it is user-friendly because this website is following a niche which makes it different. You will be seeing that it is a basic website that allows you to browse profiles and contact them. You have to create an account and that’s it! You can access thousands of Trans singles who are there to find someone like you.

It is easy to judge from a profile that whether you should contact the other person or not, in case you are curious to know that whether someone has visited your profile or not then it is not difficult. You can even check that who wanted to message or who have messaged you, by simply going to the dashboard.

It is available in the profile, by clicking on the dashboard you can find anything you want. The only thing that you have to do is stay online, and contact the other members who are online. Staying online will keep you updated.

Getting the Membership

  • There are few features that can be enjoyed in case you are willing to get the membership:
  • Tracking your perfect match
  • You can check out the blogs that are full of helpful information and tip in order to enjoy more.
  • Have the facility of liking the photos and videos.

End Note 

TS Mingle is nothing like traditional Trans hookups online sites, it is free to use. We are going to recommend this on the basis of the website being free to use. It does not matter that you are a Trans or not, you can access even if you are one of the admirers of the Trans people. We should mention that in case you are a single who is now ready to mingle. Go on the website now and look for its free features by yourself. This is one of those websites that will not give you a hard time while you are using it. There is less chance of being scammed but you have to be careful on your own, because absolutely no website can stop the scammers as they are everywhere.