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WellHello Review

In the age of information, our fast paced lives has created a problem for people to connect. It is impossible for us to fulfil our needs and desires both as individuals and as a couple. So if you are looking for a quick casual encounter or want to swing as a couple with other likeminded people then WellHello has everything for you.

This site is the best choice for all types of people who want to find someone for a one night stand or even want to have find a serious relationship or want a casual encounter. Just one click away is a website that will provide all the naughty chats and adult dating you want better than all the other hook-up sites.

WellHello is a website unlike no other. This site caters to a wide range of fetishes to fulfil your lustful needs. The site will allow you to have live sex chats with locals in your area so you can wet your sexual appetite. The site is full off hot woman to cater to all your need as long as you can find them.

This site is great for couples to unlike most sexting sites WellHello provides couples with a chance to register as well and have sex with other couples. So if you want to swing and have sex with other people’s wives or husbands then you can.

WellHello does not discriminate between ones sexual orientation so you can do anything or anyone you want. The site offers people of all types of sexual orientation a place to hookup easily. This site is a great place to find everything under one roof or bed.

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WellHello Review

WellHello Registration – As easy as ABC

When you type the URL into the address bar open the home page you are greeted with a beautiful and pleasant page. You are greeted with a front page that has a small box which you shall fill out. The page itself is white background with blue grey and pinkish red about it.

The title page has the name of the top members on the site who use it frequently so you can get a little peek preview of the hot babes you can expect within. Like many Adult dating sites the page has a simple 123 process for registrations. You must enter a valid email address for the site choose between male, female and couple as to what gender or both you wish to sign up as. Lastly, you will have to add your zip code this all done to locate the hot girls, boys or swinging couples in your area.

One of the best features about this website is that once you have signed up you do not even need to register right away you will be prompted but you can choose to do it later. You will then be moved on to making your profile. Make sure to have enough information on the page to get the desired sexual partner to have interest.

Member Profiles on WellHello

Upon signing up for this dating site you will have to verify your account by going to your email and opening the link which will make sure you are a real person and not a fake. A verified person will always have a “V” next to their profile pictures so you know they are real. You will also be entertained by our lovely love hostesses which are more than eager to jump on people who have just arrived.

One of the best features about this site is the fact that even as a basic member you have the opportunity to access the pictures of all the gorgeous lusty woman on WellHello and all the handsome and ripped men too. The site offers users the chance to see pictures on other people’s profiles but these are those pictures which are not put in a private folder which you have to earn to get into. All though you will still get to see some members show how sexy they are just to entice you into their bed or floor or whatever. 

The profile information is designed in such a manner that you are able to know who the person is and where they are. The profile of other people contain their name and interests so you know if the person or couple is the same as what you are looking for along with a few other details. The simplistic design also shows the users the other person’s whereabouts and whether they are online all made especially so that you can easily target the people you want to hookup with and fulfil your fetishes together.

WellHello Special Features

One of the feature of this site is WellHello’s sexual survey. This survey essentially asks you various questions about the site and about you to better localize the experience for all its members. This survey consists of 20 questions designed to understand individual needs and various other things. Once the survey is completed the site gives you a nice little reward. You must choose between 3 options for your reward, what they are is for you to find out by checking the website out for yourself.

The best feature of this website is the private gallery. Every user is allowed to post explicit or otherwise personal photos in a private gallery that other members cannot access. The only people allowed to access the gallery are those you give express permission too. This keeps your privacy safe.

End Note

WellHello is a sexting and dating site for every type of person with all types of fetishes and sexual orientation. All your desires are under one website and can be fulfilled by hot sexy individuals or couples just waiting for you.

Come to the site if you want all your naughty wishes fulfilled. Even couples who want a different experience can join and explore their sexuality and fetishes together. Couples can swing together or even just sleep with random people.