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  • Popularity 88% 88%
  • Features 82% 82%
  • 90% 90%
  • Value for money 92% 92%

Overall Rating

XMatch is a fun place to be, there are millions of members who want to get indulge in 31 types of different and surprising kinks. You can go and contact anyone you want, Of course, there will be lots of incoming messages, but you will know who is real or fake.

You can also take virtual sex to the next level with a sex-toy, which will match the moves of a supermodel. It is a kind of revolution. Yes, it is some new feature. Apart from that, there are lots of people to meet through messages, webcam, web broadcast, emails, etc.

You can join groups and have conversations, make a list of some of your eye candy profiles to check their regular erotic updates and have fun. While you are having fun on this sex site, you will be getting many messages from people who want eternal sex, threesome, BDSM, and what not.

Navigating through these messages, keep your engagement high in the site, you will get chances to interact with real people, and start a more genuine conversation, rather than sending your dick picture.

There is a sex academy too, you can graduate from many courses, I wish there could be physical universities for these sites. Lol!

You can subscribe to their magazine which will full of erotic content and with topics related to Threesome hookup, live sex, adult chat, BDSM chat, fetish, etc. Basically, it is full of adult content, which is fun to read about.

 We have done deeper research for you, looking into various aspect of this site, to help you understand what can you expect from this sex site.

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XMatch Review is a nice sex site, providing you 31 categories of kinks to look in and find your right partner. If you are looking for BDSM, casual encounters, threesome, anything. You might find it here on this site.

We have looked in to below aspects of the site, to give you a better idea about what to expect from this sex dating site.

Registration and User experience

The registration process of this site is quite simple, they will ask who you are, who you want to fuck. Where you live, your country, city, and all, to suggest some local profiles, your age definitely. You will easily pass the first round.

Then they will ask you about body type, sexual preferences, race, and marital status. Generally, this much is enough for people to get married. Anyways, do write a good intro about you, not only because it is mandatory, but because it will introduce you to other profiles. You can also add some extra trash about yourself in the optional description.

And, after entering your username, password, and an email. The email will be verified of course, and after the verification, the bouncer will open the gates of Wonderland. A world, full of fantasy, sex, orgasm, and fun.

People will be lying naked on their bed, with puppy faces just waiting for you to go and bang their eyes out.

By the way, before that, there is kink questionnaire asking you about your preferences in kinks such as threesome, BDSM, fetishes etc. offers a range of kinks categories of 31 enlightening adult categories, you might have never heard of some. But the best part is that this site has enough membership base to overwhelm you with the number of people in each category. There is more than enough for everyone. Don’t worry!

Also, you can educate yourself in their sex academy, or keep browsing their erotic and mouth-watering magazine. Of course, if you have paid! Oops!


So, they don’t take many headaches to, suggest to you what you want, they will show all the results, now you can seek whoever you like, not what that algorithm thinks you should. But of course, you can apply filters as per your conveniences, such as age, distance, location, race, body type, and kinks of course.

You can check out who is online, or nearest to you, or the newest member, or a VIP member. While visiting their profile you can expect a compatibility score with some self-explanatory charts. It could be of help.

More than that, there will be thousands of profiles to check out. It is another level fun to explore profiles of some hot and sexy adult personals, even though they are too far. Point is, just have fun!

Messaging and connections

Before we talk about contacting people, I want to tell you that these features are available to paid members only. After that, you can just contact anyone you want to, anytime. You can send emails, instant messages to anyone you want.

You can also use their special feature which will make you feel the webcam broadcast of a supermodel, you have to buy a sex-toy and will match with the motion of the supermodel, it is complete virtual sex.

If you don’t want to buy a toy, you can use their two-way webcam feature as well, broadcast yourself and make a fan following, you can join groups and can show your expertise on some super explicit topics, build yourself there, and people will contact you, and you can also contact anyone.

You can play their hot or not game, it is a quick way to check out profiles, and people you liked will go in a hot listed people category for you. Spark a conversation, you never know, anything can happen after it.


Well, they allow you to be whatever you want to be, you can be anonymous and keep following your sexual desires of threesome, bdsm, and what not, there are 31 categories. Also, it runs on a secured GoDaddy server, which is used by many other threesome dating sites also. So yeah! It is secure.

Conclusion will provide you an opportunity to reach millions of people, through their world of kinky action. So yeah, they have a lot of people there. Also, there are no registered app for this site. So, you have to keep trying on the browser version.

You can expect many fun things there, and try your luck to get your next sex chat, or a live sex, or going for a naughty date, or banging some one whole night. Sky is the limit!

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