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Find The Ultimate Commitment-Free Relationships with Webcam Models

by | Sep 6, 2019 | 0 comments

It is a buyer’s market right now in the sex cam world. There are many, many more beautiful young people out there working than there is demand for them. And believe me there is certainly demand. Now what this means is that there are a lot of webcam models out there right now who have a lot of time on their hands. Since there is so much competition the industry has started to change from a few performers with large audiences to a more personalized experience. More and more often these performers are allowing their viewers access to private chats, either including video or otherwise.  These webcam models can be a great way for a viewer to engage in a commitment free relationship that you can start and stop whenever you like.

Make yourself stand out by being respectful (and tipping often)

Once you have found a web cam model that you like and would like to pursue a more intimate relationship with you must get their attention. Choose a performer with a fairly small fan base so you are likely to be noticed more readily. A performer with a small fan base is also more likely to have the free time available to offer you private shows and chats. The first and best way to get a webcam model to notice you is to tip them. There is usually a coin or a token system with whatever streaming site that they utilize that you can tip them with. This obviously will translate to real money that you can purchase using bitcoin or sometimes even credit cards. Tip often and send small messages of admiration when you do. If you are respectful and don’t set off any red flags to the performer then they are sure to take notice and begin to respond.  You should do this in a public or semi-private stream first so that they can get used to you and you can get their attention without coming off too strong. You can then move on to requesting your own private shows where the cam model will perform just for you.

You’re not weird if you just want to talk, not sext

In these private chats/streams really anything goes. Whatever you ask that the cam model feels comfortable doing they will do for you. According to many cam models on sex cam sites their regular clients usually like to utilize these private shows just to talk and get to know each other better. In this way you really get to form a relationship with your favorite performer. You can watch them go about their normal routine and chat about whatever you want.  What could be better than talking about your favorite subject, or even just venting about your long day, while you enjoy a private dance or strip tease?

Many cam models find themselves very close to their regular customers

Many cam models find that the majority of their income is generated by a small, core group of regular clients who keep coming back for more. You don’t have to worry about sharing your favorite cam model with a lot of other paying clients because this core group, of which you will be a part, will take up the majority of her time. Many cam models also find themselves experiencing a certain amount of emotional intimacy with their regular clients. When you spend such an extended amount of time interacting with the same person it is not unusual to begin to feel close to them and want to share the details of your like with them. This can be especially true with someone you have met on the internet since there is such a small chance of those intimate details being shared with someone else.

Understand that she has other clients

It essential though to remember that your favorite webcam model will have other clients. She will continue to do public and semi-private shows in order to maintain her revenue stream. You should not become jealous or possessive because of this. Remind yourself that you are pursuing a connection with a webcam model because you are not interested in making a commitment on your end. It only follows that her commitment to you can only go as far as your last dollar. If you are interested in exclusivity from your favorite performer, consider offering her a deal where you compensate her for the profits she would otherwise receive from her other revenue streams. In this way you can control the level of commitment on either side of the relationship.

At the end of the day this is her job, respect that

When you have spent a lot of time with a particular cam model the lines between the professional and personal can become very blurred. It is important to remind yourself that you sought out this type of relationship for a reason, because you didn’t want the commitment of a relationship without a monetary component. While your favorite cam model might offer you a few freebies to show her appreciation for your generous sponsorship, do not take them for granted and do not ask for free favors just because you feel you deserve them. Be appreciative of the gifts that you are given but understand that they are gifts and must be freely offered.  Also remember that this is her job, she relies upon it to pay her rent and other bills. The moment that sex cam no longer becomes necessary, or the moment that you are not financially beneficial to her, she will leave. Do not take it personally! Accept the end of the relationship and start looking around for a new one. There are sure to be more than enough models out there ready to take her place.

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