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First Time Meeting a Woman on Craigslist Personals Alternative Sites? Here are the Best Tips!

by Aug 1, 20190 comments

Have you ever gone through those embarrassing awkward silence between you and your date? Do you struggle to hold gluing conversation with a woman you would wish to get laid? Many people find it hard to hold a beautiful woman’s attention in a conversation. You may pick just the hot woman from the craigslist personal alternative sites. You exchange few emails or phone calls before she agrees to meet you for a casual hookup.

But before you get down to sleeping with her you have to meet her, chat, eat and even tune her into the right mood. That’s why I want to share such tips to help you get over embarrassing silence.

 #1 Believe in yourself

It’s natural to be a little nervous when planning to meet your first time date. However hot and sexy she presents herself, don’t get intimidated. The fact that she responded to your advert and liked your look on the craigslist personals replacement should give you confidence. Let her agreeing to meet you boost your male ego. It’s an indication that she finds you interesting. So stay optimistic that the meeting will bear fruit. Be cheerful and don’t be over nervous.

#2 From the first time you meet her, be a gentleman

Ladies are very keen on little acts of kindness.  Welcome her joyfully. Give a hag if she seems receptive. Pull out a chair for her or open the car door and let her walk in first. Don’t be afraid to use polite words like excuse me. However old fashion such acts seems they do wonders in tuning up a lady.

#3 Give her full attention and not your phone

In the world of Smartphone, many people find it all natural to browse in their phones from time to time. Checking on their Facebook friends or responding to their emails.  Nothing kills the spirit like chatting on your phone in the presence of your date. If you really want to taste what lies between her legs, give her your full attention. Act as if she is the only one that matters then. Why agree to meet her outside sites like craigslist personals if you don’t find her fascinating?

# 4 Listen with your whole body

Naturally, women talk a lot more than men. So they require good listening partners. If you had shown some trust to her, she will open up and share her secrets and feelings.  While she talks make eye contacts with her. Smile or nod where appropriate. Try to reach out to the emotion painted by the conversation. If she lets you sit close to her the better.  When she starts to share some of her secrets other inner feelings hold her hands. Or when she shares out funny encounters, laugh while occasionally patting her. In short, create body contacts occasionally.

#5 Talk about your passion

Centering a conversation about what you love is easy. In fact, it comes out naturally from your mind. But the best of all, it brings out a smile on your face and thus emotional feelings too. You won’t have those boring moments. After opening up on your emotional topics, probe with questions into what she enjoys most. And who doesn’t like talking about what she enjoys?

It will give you the best opportunity to know her likes and dislikes too. And if you are deep into conversations she might even let you into her adored fetishes. I mean those things that she could never advertise on the craigslist alternative personals sites!

#6 Have your sex drive under control

Most classified adverts on personals center on sexual gratification. So once she confirms that you are her type, she will open up and deliver the goodies to you. And when you meet her, undeniably you will find her dressed to charm you. But, however hot or sexy she is, restrain your sex appetite. Don’t show her you are in rush or desperate to bed her. There will be a time for it. But when she steers the conversation in that direction, great contribute.

#7 Share your childhood fun times

We all had our happy moments when we were young. If you are starved on what to talk about, why not share your childhood memories. Those funny games or incidences or mistakes you made? By doing so, you will rekindle her childhood games and memories in general. And when you let her narrate her own incidences, the meeting outside sites like craigslist personals will be enjoyable.


Meeting through the sites craigslist personals is for quenching your sexual thirst. It could be on one night stand, casual sex or no strings attached experience. But before that climax is reached, a light conversation will proceed.  Be that charming man that can hold a woman’s attention in a conversation. Let the conversation prepare you too for the thrilling union or fun ahead. The above tips show you how to prepare for such a conversation. No more dead silence or stares.

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